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winter health begins with warm users favor panasonic thermal storage portable air conditioner

When the value of winter, cold air struck repeatedly, many families open portable air conditioner system. However, the use of portable air conditioner heating, many users are in trouble: portable air conditioner is not as easy to start as summer, and portable air conditioner in the defrosting, there will be “crash” situation, so greatly reduced comfort. What is the reason?

portable air conditioner heating will be “crash” are the weather to blame

portable air conditioner is easy in the winter “strike”, mainly because the weather is too cold sake. It turned out that ordinary portable air conditioner heating system, will continue to absorb the heat in outdoor air, and through the refrigerant transfer to the indoor release. As the outdoor unit is blowing cold air, heat exchanger temperature is low, in the event of condensation of water vapor in the air into the frost, portable air conditioner will automatically enter the defrost mode, this time the opportunity to stop indoor heating about 6-8 minutes, room temperature will drop about 3-5 ° C.

hoseless portable air conditioner

Defrost non-stop Panasonic thermal storage portable air conditioner cited hot market

It is reported that, in order to solve the portable air conditioner and heating problems, Panasonic portable air conditioner research and development launched ENECHARGE heat storage technology, and its application in the AH Yi Xun, VE Yue Jue, VH Platinum, UH Yi Han and other new products to ensure that products in the defrosting process Still can be strong heating.

Matsushita portable air conditioner related staff, said ENECHARGE heat storage technology is a work of portable air conditioner compressor can be abandoned waste heat through the heat storage device into usable heat for the outdoor unit defrost work technology, it has Free from cold cold area specifications, even when the outdoor temperature as low as minus 30 ℃ when the normal start heating, and continuous heating when the defrost does not stop, so that the indoor temperature and comfort.

winter health begins with warm users favor panasonic thermal storage portable air conditioner

In addition, through Japan’s new frequency control program with the Panasonic high-quality original DC inverter compressor coordination of operation, Panasonic regenerative portable air conditioner to -30 ℃ in the ultra-low temperature environment, normal start and strong heating, and the use of electric auxiliary heating ordinary portable air conditioner, Without the need for auxiliary heating in the case of strong heating.

Beware of air pollution in winter

In addition to the cold weather, high haze haze has become a winter “persistent.” Recently, the fog haze frequently come to many provinces and cities, to the lives of local residents troubled, with the purification function of the healthy portable air conditioner followed by selling. Panasonic Yixun, for example, it is through the application of dual-ion purification technology to achieve the efficient removal of PM2.5, bacteria, odor effect.

Specifically, nanoe-G nano-ions in the air adsorption PM2.5 and bacteria, so that it is negatively charged to focus on high-density filter attached to capture. Nanoe water ions can penetrate to the depths of the sofa, fabric and other fibers, effectively remove the pollen particles, mold, viruses, cigarettes, pet flavor, bring fresh and healthy home space. In addition, the portable air conditioner release of a large number of -OH hydroxyl ions, but also with the formaldehyde molecules for chemical action, its decomposition into water and carbon dioxide.

Reduce the temperature in winter, cold warm into a top priority. Panasonic heat storage portable air conditioner efficient heating, defrosting non-stop, is leading a new consumer trend.

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