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Window machine scale continues to shrink emerging markets gradually rise

Refrigeration Express, nearly two years the global air conditioning market growth slowed, 2014 cold years in the Chinese market driven by high growth, the global air-conditioning market continues to rise, an increase of about 8%. From the product structure, the 2014 cold window machine scale continues to shrink, the market share fell to 13%; window machine is mainly exported to North America, the Middle East has some demand, North America, the European air conditioning installation costs are higher, mobile air conditioning Export the above areas; split machine as in the major markets have been very good promotion, the market share increased year by year.

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From the manufacturing capacity point of view, the current global home air-conditioning manufacturing base is mainly gathered in Asia, Latin America and Africa, some, but from the 2014 cold air conditioning business around the point of view, to India, Brazil as the representative of the emerging regional market demand Driven by the growing capacity of air conditioning manufacturing … …

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