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Will the frost come in the winter? These domestic cars carry air conditioning remote start, you deserve to have

Today is the last autumn of a solar term “frost”, the so-called “cold dew is not cold, frost down the day”, frost came, the winter will be far behind? The lowest temperature in the north has been close to zero, and into the cold winter, for every day to drive early to work friends is really a torment! From the bed out is a kind of suffering, into the cold car is a burst of Icy!

If your car has a remote start air conditioning function, then the “closed door is winter, the door is spring warm”, now, remote start air conditioning is no longer a luxury car patent, and our own brand technology is Kaka, Cost-effective, and remote start air conditioning, so you no longer cold in this winter

Zotai T600 Sport Edition
ZTE T600 Sport Edition models equipped with the name Tye-net intelligent control system, the system can be remotely through the mobile phone to control the vehicle, such as remote start the engine, open air conditioning, open windows / skylights and so on. In addition can also use the mobile phone APP timely monitoring of oil, mileage and query violations.

The T600 Sport Edition’s interior features a new design and the center console uses cortical materials and suture wraps to enhance the texture. The configuration also extends the generous, as always, such as electronic parking, front and rear parking radars, induction wipers, automatic Double zone air conditioning, seat heating and so on can be found.

In addition, T600 sports version of the power also known as the excellent, its carrying from the SAIC 1.5T engine has a maximum output power of 162 hp, matching 5-speed manual gearbox can run within 10 seconds to accelerate within 100 km With the price of its own brand is also rare, not to mention it also has a huge cost-effective and 2807mm wheelbase.
BYD yuan

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Yuan is BYD launched the first small SUV, 2017 models of the whole line 5.99 ~ 799,000 price than the same level of low to a lot of models, even if a lot of young people just out of society can afford. In the whole department models, the most recommended is the 1.5L manual cool type, because like tire pressure monitoring, cruise control, window anti-folder hand, rearview mirror electric fold are only equipped with it, and 70,900 price is not high.

At the same time, the design of the yuan is also a small number of BYD design good models, two-color body and a variety of beautiful body color to make it look fashionable, the rear of the small bags and side open tail design is also in the same level Unique, the design of the interior tend to be simple and concise, turbo-like outlet and double barrel instrument for the interior to add a bit fashion sense, the Chinese button is also a clear, no difficulty. But its carrying 1.5L naturally aspirated engine can only be said on the enough.

Roewe i6
Roewe i6 can give each user a unique ID identity account, its intelligent interconnection system can cover from travel, entertainment to shopping and other users of daily life scenes. Can achieve voice control air conditioning, music player, skylight control, navigation, weather query and other functions. But also real-time reflection of the road and the surrounding environment, intelligent planning path, and through the “double-blind navigation” to achieve precise positioning.
In the remote control, the user at home or company can control the vehicle unlock lock, open air conditioning, heating seats and so on. But also can be seamlessly connected, including mobile phones, unmanned aerial vehicles, sports cameras and other external devices, access to the road ahead, rear, car members and other aspects of the photo, and through the 4G network for real-time sharing.

Roewe i6 “blue core” power contains 20T cylinder in the home direct injection turbocharged engine, using the GDI (injector in the home direct injection), HPI (6 hole high pressure jet), TURBO (exhaust turbocharged) Technology, matching TST 7-speed intelligent dual-clutch gearbox and 6-speed manual gearbox, the maximum power of 169 horsepower, the maximum torque of 250 Nm, integrated fuel consumption of 5.9 liters per hundred kilometers.

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