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why portable air conditioner coolers not only cooling and moisturizing and energy saving

With the environmental protection and energy saving, the concept of green emission reduction enjoys popular support, more and more enterprises, companies and families in the choice of refrigeration equipment, began to pay attention to chillers. Why is the cooling fan cooling efficiency, cooling while moisturizing, but also green it? Today, the cool world to give you talk about the portable air conditioner coolers of the secret.

Single-speaking chillers and evaporative chillers, air conditioners, in fact, between the traditional compressor air conditioning and fan between a product. It is not the traditional air-conditioning compressor so cold, much portable air conditioner coolers than the fan, the equivalent of people standing by the sea or waterfall next to the time, will feel more cool as well.

In addition, the overall effect of the portable air conditioner coolers and the use of a wide range, no exaggeration to say that it can be used in all sectors inside, because it is set ventilation, cooling, down dust, ventilation, in addition to taste all-around player. And the operating cost of the portable air conditioner coolers is lower than the traditional central air-conditioning more than 80% of electricity.

why portable air conditioner coolers not only cooling and moisturizing and energy saving

Such as injection molding workshop, grinding workshop, heat treatment workshop, as well as some public places and vegetable markets, underground parking and so on … … and the central air-conditioning investment and operating costs are relatively high, such as air-conditioning, But also many companies choose an important factor in chillers.

In fact, this truth is like buying a car, after so many years of development of the automobile industry, China’s family car is not as high as the original, and many people can afford, but the car is a great expense . Compared to the central air-conditioning power consumption, chiller to save more, Chengdu-kun to environmental protection and energy-saving flagship product – 1.1KW chiller main motor is the traditional central air-conditioning power consumption 1 8, for the industry more real Saving more than 80%.

inexpensive portable air conditioner

If there is such a car, powerful, excellent performance, but also super fuel, you will certainly not hesitate to place a single. Leng Fengji secret, in fact, is the case.

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