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why portabe air conditioner

As we all know that portable air conditioner with its features of being convenient, low cost, mainly applies to:

1, office, outdoor temporary command center, open workshops and other public places;

2, high precision machine room, instrumentation equipment rooms and other places;

3, a multi-purpose machine houses and kitchen;

4, frequent relocation, lease building groups.

Overall, the inconvenience of installing an outdoor unit spaces are inseparable from portable air conditioner.

Portable air conditioner because of its portability, the first birth and rise is in the United States and Europe, widely used in:

– The large central air conditioning of buildings because of the high cost, usually only normal working hours Monday to Friday open, mobile air conditioning refrigeration small area popular properties in the office, office: overtime overtime family the best air conditioning equipment, without professional installation, the use of low cost, easy to use and safe fan as easy, plug and play;

– Facades of buildings can not be placed outside the machine, the large number of applications makes a lot of glass facades of buildings can not install the air conditioner, portable air conditioner machine designed to be the only option;

– Mines and other construction sites, due to the impact of the construction cycle, split air conditioning disassemble moves very inconvenient, the second installation costs and large poor results. Mobile air conditioning at any time to move, plug and play, very suitable for frequent relocation or temporary use of office and housing;

– Computer server room, often installed without external environment, high temperature cutting equipment is easy to affect the normal use. Portable Air conditioner can cool down key parts, convenient and practical;

– Field offices often move: such as site offices, barracks, temporary command post, etc., without professional installation, but without the need of professional weaning, the use of low cost, easy to use and safe fan as easy, plug and play

– Hall conference room using a low frequency: where to sit down, where you can cool, unique, low-cost and convenient air conditioner.

– Frequent relocation of the room: no professional installation and professional relocation, remove the power to move, plug in the power can be used.

– No local installation of the outdoor unit places: such as kitchen, small living room, study and so on. Integral design, without the outdoor unit, ready to move tune.

The difference between ordinary air conditioner is:

1, to distinguish from the appearance, household air conditioning and Portableairconditionerac have a huge difference, portableairconditionerac produces the whole room portable air conditioners. It both has indoor and outdoor portable air conditioners sectors.

2, from a technical point of view, portable air conditioning and home air conditioning use in different power is basically the same, the difference between the portable air conditioner and ordinary air conditioning is circulating duct design, while the ordinary air-conditioning for circulating indoor air circulation, and portable air conditioner to reduce the indoor air temperature, while also sucked into the fresh outdoor air to ensure indoor air exchange, it will never happen, “Air conditioning disease.” This change air duct design caused the indoor temperature does not drop quickly low. Usually 30 ℃ indoor outdoor temperature is about 24 ℃, local temperature can reach 22 ℃. (This is the largest portable air conditioner features, cooling the highest value in the local area)

3, the portableairconditionerac manufactures and distributes portable air conditioner for indoor and also outdoor rooms, so the noise for outdoor is larger than indoor portable air conditioner. Available absorbing rubber muted. Portable air conditioners’ market prospect is very broad and bright!

In fact, mobile air conditioning can not really a cooling fan as people always described. While portable air conditioner completely differs with the fans.

The main difference is that:

1, the difference between the product itself, the portable air conditioner part of air conditioning category, is a regular air conditioning. Air-conditioning fan fan belongs to the category, but can not really blowing so-called cold air conditioning.

2, the price difference is huge, the price of portable air conditioner units are in thousands of base do. Only a mere few hundred dollars air-conditioning fan.

3, the effect is a huge difference. Portable air conditioner can be cooling, heating, dehumidification, ventilation. Consistent with ordinary air-conditioning and can move. Air-conditioning fan can only say only slightly better than the average fan points only.

4, the area of ​​a portable air conditioner can be used nor is the air conditioning fan can be compared.

Where to buy the portable air conditioners for safety and nice quality?

There are many ways and channels of purchasing in bulk or buying with retailing price on line.Usually are by B2B or B2C platforms, or more gurantee way is by its official website.

. ebay portable air conditioner could be the best place and suggestable sites for shoppers of retail portable air conditioner buyers.

. portable air conditioner costco is also a good one for you.

There are various kinds of ways to purchase.Of course you can still get the best price and service if shop by our official website at www.portableairconditionerac.com

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