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warm care stay away from haze daikin portable air conditioner with professional moves

In recent years, more and more haze weather, weather forecast unknowingly more than a haze in the weather, it not only affects the traffic environment, but also easily lead to our body discomfort. Now autumn and winter has to, haze has gradually rise. Haze fine particles, can directly invade the human lungs, endangering our health, and PM2.5 (ie, the diameter of less than or equal to 2.5μm particles), the smaller diameter of 0.5μm, 0.3μm particles on the human body Harm is often greater.

Therefore, living in the city we need professional air purification products to protect themselves and their families health.

Daikin portable air conditioner for haze, the introduction of a variety of new air purification products, rich product lineup and professional accessories structure, can more easily cope with different populations and space for fresh air demand.

Total house solution

The total heat exchanger is a Daikin portable air conditioner system independent of the load and the whole exchange of heat exchange function of the ventilation system, can achieve the corresponding space-wide ventilation needs. Through the efficient heat exchange elements, the introduction of outdoor air and indoor air for total heat exchange, the air temperature closer to the indoor temperature, improve comfort and waste heat recovery, more energy efficient. And there are three different purification series, to meet the different populations and space for fresh air demand.

1, PM2.5 purification series

It is equipped with Daikin PM2.5 high efficiency filter. It adopts electrostatic dust collecting and filtering method, and the filter is of high efficiency. It can keep efficient dust collection for a long time.

2, PM2.5 professional purification series

warm care stay away from haze daikin portable air conditioner with professional moves

Mainly for a pair of PM2.5 more sensitive to the family and the haze serious areas to provide more professional purification protection. Equipped with professional electrostatic integrated filter, three-layer structure from coarse to fine design, filter filtration grade up to sub-efficient level * 1, for a smaller diameter of 0.5μm particles can also be effectively removed.

3, PM2.5 exhaust purification series

Mainly for the main road around the city center and other automobile exhaust pollution in the more serious areas, or the northern heating areas and heavy industry concentration areas, equipped with nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide filters and PM2.5 high efficiency filter (using electrostatic integration Filtration method), which can simultaneously remove nitrogen dioxide in vehicle exhaust, sulfur dioxide * 2 and the introduction of fresh air in the PM2.5.

Single room solution

A small indoor unit, set portable air conditioner, air purification function as a whole, for a single room to provide an independent air purification solution that allows you to enjoy the comfort of portable air conditioner, but also enjoy fresh and healthy good air.

Daikin home central portable air conditioner series, including indoor air purification category. Through the use of an indoor unit, the introduction of outdoor fresh air into a single room can be accomplished, and the exhaust gas is filtered. At the same time portable air conditioner return air PM2.5 filter, but also the cycle of indoor air filtration, maintaining indoor air quality, enjoy the fresh air, experience NewLifeStyle comfortable life.

Localized solutions for renovated users

For the increasingly serious air pollution, Daikin introduced a new intelligent perception of fresh air purification machine, not only for the newly renovated residential to provide local fresh air solutions, but also corresponds to existing homes, no need to do ceiling, balcony can be installed, the introduction of new wind at the same time Clean the air, can monitor the indoor environment, a variety of models a variety of options, to bring you clean fresh air.

carrier portable air conditioner

As a world-renowned professional air-conditioner company with more than 90 years of history, Daikin Air-Conditioner is committed to providing customers with professional and innovative portable air conditioner and air-purifying products for the Chinese market with strong technology, development and production capacity. , Has always been committed to providing customers with high quality and comfortable air environment.

* 1 Sub-efficient filter according to air filter GB T14295-2008

* 2 This data is the internal test result of the company. Test environment: temperature of 22 ~ 25 ℃ DB, humidity of 35 ~ 40% RH, ventilation speed of 0.2m s.

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