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want to give the kitchen portable air conditioner is not easy

Days so hot, to stay in the kitchen to cook for his family ‘cook woman’ really can not afford to hurt, really want to install a kitchen portable air conditioner ah. “After a few days of high temperature, so that some families move from the idea of ​​installing the kitchen portable air conditioner. Kitchen portable air conditioner to buy it? Reporters found that the current market, small kitchen portable air conditioner models, expensive, users Tucao filter can not stand it Oil when the oil.

Hot to think of to the kitchen refrigeration

“Days so hot, three meals a day in the kitchen cooking, really bored in a steamer, there is no kitchen portable air conditioner can recommend?” These two days, the Beijing public Miss Dong community WeChat group, on the kitchen portable air conditioner discussion Unusually hot. After three days of high temperature, so Dayton meal at home, “cook women” who moved to the kitchen cooling mind.

edgestar portable air conditioner

However, only to the living room and bedroom fitted portable air conditioner everyone, for what exactly to the kitchen to install what kind of portable air conditioner, but also a stomach of doubt. “” There is no special portable air conditioner in the kitchen? “” Kitchen every day fumes, get portable air conditioner units, the future of cleaning and maintenance is not expensive? “WeChat group , Talk about the discussion are concentrated in what equipment, how to install, how to maintain the three issues.

The sale price of the model is a bit high

portable air conditioner to the kitchen to install what options? Yesterday, the reporter with this problem visited the home appliance stores. Suning stores, the staff told reporters that at present only a beautiful kitchen portable air conditioner in the sale, the price close to 3,000 yuan, but the market response is not particularly ideal. “In general, in addition to new home decoration, very few consumers to ask the kitchen portable air conditioner.

Jingdong online shopping malls, kitchen portable air conditioner model slightly more, but the rough statistics do not exceed 5, and a little well-known brands, kitchen portable air conditioner single price in 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan from top to bottom. To the United States, for example, 1P single-cooling kitchen portable air conditioner, Jingdong on the price of 2999 yuan; while the same 1P single refrigeration home portable air conditioner, the highest price of less than 2,000 yuan, nearly half of your expensive.

want to give the kitchen portable air conditioner is not easy

User Tucao filter must wash

Kitchen portable air conditioner in the end good? The reporters found that “early adopters” of the user evaluation, on the noise and filter cleaning Tucao is more concentrated.

Know the user “hamburger shop owner” to talk about, he installed the portable air conditioner in the kitchen, the result is to open the kitchen hood simply do not cool down, when doing fried food, portable air conditioner cooler will smoke faster cooling, and then attached On the opposite side of the air conditioner. “And the portable air conditioner is also particularly easy to get on a layer of oil.Oil thickness to what extent? Is about a month less than the wind are blowing out, and must be removed to clean the filter.

Another consumer Tucao, kitchen portable air conditioner, although easy to install, but when the cooling noise too, can be described as “shaking ZZZZZZZZZ”. Therefore, he would rather bear the heat, do not want to put up with noise.

In this regard, independent home appliance industry observers Liangzhen Peng also said that as a new thing, the effect of kitchen portable air conditioner yet to be how the market test, which is the kitchen smoke filter erosion of the technical difficulties of portable air conditioner, if not a good solution to this difficulty, Of the portable air conditioner maintenance costs will be higher. “From the current perspective, this technology also needs improvement.”


Household portable air conditioner should not be installed in the kitchen

Beijing Suning Appliance professionals told reporters that the market in the sale of home portable air conditioner, the basic unfit to install in the kitchen. On the one hand, home portable air conditioner needs a larger place outside the room placement plug machine, the kitchen is usually not have such an area. And more importantly, the home portable air conditioner filter can not afford the kitchen fumes in the larger environment, over time, easy to plug the filter. The oil-stained filter, it is difficult to clean.

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