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Vibration Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance of Air – conditioning Fan in Computer

A fan is an assembled rotating blade, which may or may not be housed in a closed enclosure. The fan may be a blower or a blower. A blower is a fan that blows air into a duct, a pressure chamber, a room, or other space. An exhaust fan is a fan that sucks air out of the room. We will focus on the blower. The following is a list of fan vibration and noise issues and how to correct them.

(1) Impeller, bearings, couplings, or V-belt drives are not calibrated. Repair Note: Relax, so that the above components in a row or tighten the device.

(2) Unstable foundations or floors may imply a poor design. Repair Note: You may need to start over again to provide a rugged, horizontal mounting surface.

(3) Check the material outside the unbalanced fan. Many repairers will find something sticking to the fan rack. Repair Note: Remove these things and check for damage.

(4) bearing wear is difficult to diagnose, but the noise or rotation is the obvious problem of signs. Repair instructions: Replace the bearings and shaft.

(5) impeller or motor damage. REPAIR NOTE: Inspections and repairs are carried out by qualified specialists.

(6) Broken or loose bolts or screws. Repair Attention: Tighten or replace.

(7) The shaft is bent or the connecting shaft is worn. The biggest problem is why this happens. Repair Note: Replace.

(8) impeller or driving wheel imbalance. Repair Note: Balance.

(9) fan transmission exceeds the rated value. Repair instructions: Reduce fan speed.

(10) The fan speed is high or the rotation direction is wrong. Repair instructions: Reduce the speed of the fan or correct the direction of the fan.

(11) Check the vibration transmitted from the fan outside the fan. Repair Caution: Isolate vibration or repair.

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