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united nations procurement officer to zhejiang to find portable air conditioner suppliers

More than 150 Zhejiang enterprises busy to negotiate

United Nations procurement, Zhejiang enterprises may be some strange. But today (June 14) afternoon, a spectacular United Nations and international organizations procurement match, narrowing the distance between Zhejiang enterprises and the United Nations.

Miss Shen is a foreign trade enterprises in Hangzhou, head of the match has not yet begun, she dragged 30-inch large suitcase, more than 30 pieces of scarves and blankets placed in the United Nations procurement officer Belkcem consulting desk. Belkcem nodded, the product quality is quite satisfactory.

The docking meeting, a total of more than 150 Zhejiang enterprises to find business opportunities, want to sell their products to the United Nations.

united nations procurement officer to zhejiang to find portable air conditioner suppliers

More than 150 enterprises in Zhejiang matchmaking

Hope to open a new door to international trade

80s of last century, the Chinese government to the United Nations for a number of computer equipment, and IBM through the United Nations procurement, successfully entered the Chinese market. Since then, a very long period of time, IBM computer market share in China remains high.

In recent years, the United Nations system procures about $ 15 billion in goods and professional services each year, with China’s share of only 1.6 per cent in purchases, but 20 per cent to 30 per cent in the United Nations procurement list through third-party channels . “Made in China is not the quality of products off, but many companies do not understand the United Nations procurement.” Ministry of Commerce in Hangzhou special correspondent Li Ke told reporters.

Miss Shen also said that she had been engaged in general trade and had not participated in the procurement process of the United Nations. She did not understand the procurement process. “Today, I participated in the matchmaking meeting and had a good harvest. I hope to take this opportunity to open a new door to international trade.

Ms. Shen’s company mainly engaged in scarves, hats, gloves, shawls, etc., the products are exported to Europe and the United States, Zara has also done OEM brands. Before the meeting, she put the sample into the United Nations World Food Program humanitarian relief warehouse procurement officer Belkcem consulting table, one by one to introduce their own products. Belkcem said that Pakistan also has a competitor, but the other side of the product quality can not compare Miss Shen.

United Nations procurement officer made a special trip to Zhejiang

Looking for quality products portable air conditioner suppliers

In order to participate in today’s matchmaking meeting, Zhao Jing, a professional procurement officer of the Procurement Division of the United Nations Secretariat, made a special trip from New York and arrived in Hangzhou late last night. During the meeting, she and her colleagues briefed participants on United Nations procurement related matters.

As the world’s largest international intergovernmental organization, a large number of UN subordinate agencies, general procurement content is divided into goods and services category. Among them, the goods category includes food, medical supplies, vehicles, computers and software, communications equipment and other content, including air charter services, engineering and technical services, construction services, security services and so on.

“Zhejiang is the forefront of China’s opening up and foreign trade, modern manufacturing and service industries are well developed, a wide range of products, a good market environment, nurturing a number of high-quality export enterprises, many of them with the United Nations and international organizations, portable air conditioner suppliers of high-quality enterprises. Facing the United Nations procurement, Zhejiang enterprises must be confident, to participate in market competition, seize the opportunity to establish brand image. “Lee said.

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How to sell products to the United Nations? According to the United Nations procurement officials to Zhejiang, companies can log on the United Nations Global Procurement Network for information on procurement needs, and then registered on the procurement page, you can become the potential of the United Nations supplier.

“It is worth noting that we will send a tender to the potential supplier, and after receipt of the tender, the company will have to read it carefully and fill in the technical content and quotation separately, and submit the tender in a timely manner.” The UN World Food Program “Under normal circumstances, in addition to product cost – effective, the financial position of good, high – credibility of the enterprises more likely to win the bid,” said Bai Jie, the representative office in China.

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