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turn on the breeze mode of portable air conditioner may not be power

With the high temperature struck, Dongguan officially entered the “barbecue” mode, the face of 35 degrees Celsius about the high temperature, portable air conditioner is not open inevitably sweat. Do you think portable air conditioner is used to open and close so simple? In fact, many people in the use of portable air conditioner more or less there are certain errors.

portable air conditioner as the number one powerhouse, some users always think of as much as possible power, which is understandable, but if the actual operation properly, is counterproductive. Do you have to leave the room for half an hour to turn off the habit of portable air conditioner, or to set the air flow in the weakest level? In fact, a short out there is no need to turn off the portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner starts cooling operation needs 500 watts to 1000 watts of consumption Power, and wait until the room temperature and portable air conditioner temperature set the same time, then only about 100 watts of power consumption. So if you do not go out for a long time, it is best to continue to maintain the boot state, and set the temperature up 1 degrees Celsius, will be able to play the energy saving effect.

As for the air volume mode, set to the breeze mode is not the best, because the portable air conditioner in the room after the start to cool the process is the most power, and wait for room temperature and set the same temperature, the power consumption will be gradually reduced . So, if blindly set in accordance with their own views into the breeze model, it will become cool in the room before consuming a lot of time and electricity, so the loss outweighs the gain. In order to save power, automatic mode is generally the best, in this mode, portable air conditioner itself will be based on room conditions to select the most appropriate amount of wind and wind direction, once the room to cool, portable air conditioner will maintain the corresponding temperature setting.

ductless portable air conditioner

According to professionals, the human body in the hair when the body temperature will usually drop about 2 degrees Celsius, so the best boot when the portable air conditioner portable air conditioner intensity of some of the portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner, Let the skin feel cold, so as to effectively reduce the somatosensory temperature. As for the temperature setting, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference of 5 to 6 degrees Celsius is appropriate.
turn on the breeze mode of portable air conditioner may not be power

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