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“Top eight” want to lead the Chinese air conditioning value to a new stage

Recently, TCL Air Conditioning Center, general manager of easy to long root in Wuhan announced: “TCL air-conditioning products fully use titanium technology, since March 2006, put on the mainland market, more than 70% of the market and more than 60% Is the titanium air conditioning. “Hisense frequency and Galanz air conditioning, TCL air conditioning will no doubt to join the growth of China’s air-conditioning” value camp. ” According to the world famous association analysis: Although Gree, Haier, the United States has “old three”, but in the value of air conditioning to sing the lead, Hisense, Galanz, TCL as the “new three” outstanding representative, if coupled with high, , That China’s air-conditioning “before the quarter-finals” is expected to lead to a new stage of value air conditioning.

Low-cost air-conditioning decline, the value of air conditioning
In the Leroy, MACRO, Tianyuan, Toyo, power and other prices of air conditioning on the occasion of the defeat to Hisense frequency, Galanz light wave, TCL Titanium, led by the value of air conditioning sudden emergence. Recently, China’s air-conditioning market in general there have been two aspects of profound changes: First, a sharp increase in industrial concentration, hundreds of years ago, hundreds of brands flooding the market pattern has long ceased to exist.

At present, in the authoritative statistical report of the China Business Network, still a separate brand included in the statistics of a total of 28 left, of which 15 domestic brands, joint venture brand 13, “other” items included in the statistics of all the remaining Brand total sales, accounting for only 4.11% of the total industry. From the current trend, the industry will further focus on domestic brands may be concentrated within two years to about 8; Second, the market has a steady decline in capacity, local business situation is grim. 05-06 Frozen year The domestic market fell 7.27% from the previous frozen year in November-December, while raw material prices rose further, prices were lower, and sales expenses were higher, making the business situation of local enterprises unsatisfactory.

United Nations World Brand Association International Marketing Master Cotter told reporters: Although China is a large air-conditioning manufacturing, but the traditional air-conditioning price line is clearly not the road to the country to Hisense frequency, Galanz light and TCL Titanium as the representative of the value of the line will be Become the main theme of 2006!

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Three value air conditioning angrily three low air conditioning
TCL air conditioning easy to long root, general manager of the view that the current industry background, the air conditioning industry, the domestic market will expand from scale to efficiency intensive transformation, from the price war to the value of war. Through the simple low-cost to seek the scale of the expansion strategy has no realistic basis, and by improving the product’s cost-effective, to provide consumers with more richer, more reliable quality products under the premise of creating value-added, return to the rational development of enterprise law , Is the inevitable choice. Hisense Marketing Director Wang Ruijie told reporters: inverter air conditioner is Hisense famous weapon, indicating that the value of the route is the only way air conditioning! Galanz air conditioning general manager assistant Lv Haijun told reporters: light air-conditioning is the third generation of air-conditioning outstanding representative, Galanz as a “value butcher”, has always been to high-quality leader in air conditioning industry.

Yi Changgen, general manager stressed: through the implementation of titanium strategy to enhance the product cost, for consumers to create more added value, TCL air conditioning will be completed from the simple scale to the efficiency of intensive conversion. TCL air conditioning general manager Hu Lixian frankly: TCL air conditioning integrated product strength and health management ideas TCL brand in recent years to maintain rapid growth of the two key factors; the next few years, TCL will continue to “innovation and quality” to enhance TCL air conditioning Product strength and brand image, to create the industry’s best air-conditioning brand; in business operations, through joint ventures, technical cooperation, strategic OEM and other forms of air-conditioning industry makes the development and growth, and take into account the scale of operation and quality of business balance, Of the business to obtain long-term development of enterprises.

“In 2005, Hisense, Galanz, TCL value of the war a great success, as the value of air conditioning ‘new three’ leader!” In the air conditioning industry environment has undergone profound changes today, China’s air conditioning market competition will be fully into the value of war And protracted warfare, TCL air conditioning at this time released its titanium air conditioning strategy, no doubt fit the pulse of the development of the industry, to find a clear strategic thinking for their own. And this occurred in the mobile air conditioning with the Italian company Delong cooperation to establish the world’s largest mobile air-conditioning production base after just a month later, as China’s air conditioning industry’s fastest-growing brand, Hisense, Galanz, TCL’s future worth looking forward to.

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