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to create the cleanest city in china to enhance the quality of life

Yesterday (July 7), held in Hangzhou to build “the cleanest city” to promote the work, around the G20 service guarantee summit and comprehensively enhance the quality of life of Hangzhou people, to build “the cleanest city” to mobilize, and then deploy , And then implemented. Municipal Committee, Publicity Minister Weng Weijun speech, deputy director of Municipal People’s Congress Xu Bin, vice mayor Chen Hongying attended.

to create the cleanest city in china to enhance the quality of life

Weng Weijun pointed out that in recent years, the city’s efforts to build “the cleanest city in China” has achieved remarkable results, urban and rural environment “five” results are more consolidated, more concerted efforts to monitor the mechanism, More in-depth training work, the focus of rectification more effective, more solid foundation to build public opinion, urban civilization and the quality of life of the people rising.

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At the same time, we must clearly understand the shortcomings of the work, seriously improve and improve the level of work; to clear objectives, urban cleaning work with the city to enhance the level of internationalization, the goal of building a world city match, consistent with world-class city To improve the standard, “clean, order, lighting, greening, landscaping” to achieve all-weather 24-hour coverage; to implement the responsibility to adhere to the focus down, reinforce the foundation, adhere to the article, We should rely on the masses, guide the community and the broad masses of the broad participation of the people, and deepen the work of promoting the “cleanest city” to improve the urban and rural environment, and strive to build Hangzhou into a ” Clean, beautiful, civilized, harmonious and unique charm “of the city, so that all the people live a more quality of life.

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