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This winter mobile air conditioning prospects

Small air conditioning purchase volume surge

Although the market awareness is still low, slightly higher sales price. But experts agree that – mobile air conditioning prospects.

In this year’s National Standardization Management Committee and other departments to start the public collection of national standards drafting of the work, “mobile air conditioner general technical requirements” is involved in the work of one of the eight national standards, but the reporter found that this product in the market Is still hard to find a trace, the market awareness is low. Why are generally lagging behind the standard-setting, this time it seems to walk in front of the market? Recently, this reporter conducted an interview on this.

Reporters in Beijing Gome, Dazhong, Suning and many other stores have not found a trace of mobile air conditioning, and many sales staff also said that never sold mobile air conditioning. When the reporter asked consumers whether they have heard of mobile air conditioning, the vast majority of consumers also gave a negative answer, some consumers also said it is difficult to believe, “air conditioning can move? Hot air and condensate drain where to go “Only a retired old professor told reporters that he saw this air in foreign countries, his family on a person, no need for each house are equipped with air conditioning, so after returning to want to buy one, but find a lot Appliance stores have not bought, and finally finally friends in Shanghai to buy such an air conditioner, although the price is more expensive than the general air conditioning, but very practical.

Mobile air conditioning prospects

Reporters have finally in a well-known brand of product showroom to see this mobile air-conditioning. From the appearance point of view, this type of air conditioning and hot summer air-conditioning fan almost, but slightly larger size. The body of the compressor, exhaust fan, electric heater, evaporator, air-cooled fin-type condenser and other devices readily available, the body with a free telescopic power plug, chassis base installed four universal casters, Air conditioning free to move. Salespeople say that mobile air conditioning will concentrate condensate on the radiator, on the one hand can enhance the cooling effect, on the other hand will be volatilized on the duct and hot air to the outside.

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According to the relevant person in charge of China Refrigeration Institute, the industry said that air conditioning is a semi-finished products, and mobile air conditioning is a finished product, the most important feature is the need for special installation, you can easily move to the user needs to cool the room, Machine problem. As a result of the whole air-conditioning, all the work done in the factory, basically there is no refrigerant leakage problem, so do not add fluoride. As an entry-level air-conditioning, it has a good market abroad, such as the 2003 heat wave in France has caused unprecedented death figures, so that the purchase of small air-conditioning market surge, mobile air-conditioning sales from the 2003 5 .7 million units rose to 16.8 million units in 2004. But because of the structural constraints, its cooling capacity is not large, suitable for smaller space.

Gree air-conditioning spokesman Huang Fanghua said that mobile air-conditioning in foreign countries have more than 20 years of history, and as early as the late 90s of last century, there are domestic mobile air-conditioning production, and now it is almost all air-conditioning companies are in the production of mobile Type air-conditioning, but because of poor market conditions, consumer awareness is relatively low, and the cost of market cultivation is relatively high, so the company’s products to export-oriented, very few in the domestic sales.

It is understood that the price of mobile air-conditioning than fixed air-conditioning high, such as a mobile air-conditioning price of about 2300 yuan, about 1,000 yuan higher than ordinary fixed air-conditioning. TCL air conditioning (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. home air conditioning domestic marketing center marketing department public relations manager Wen Chunsheng that mobile air conditioning and traditional split air-conditioning compared to the former has a high technological content, are high-end consumer goods, so the price is relatively high The Mobile is the current trend of small and medium-sized home appliances, one of the current domestic rental team is growing, they want to be able to buy easy to carry the product; Collective purchase has also become an important factor in mobile air conditioning domestic sales; there are also a lot of poor use of air-conditioned families want to buy mobile air conditioning, thereby reducing procurement and use costs. Therefore, Wen Chunsheng that mobile air-conditioning market will be expanded, from the company this year, mobile air-conditioning domestic situation, the market outlook is still very optimistic.

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