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Smart air-conditioning has become popular every three there are two Haier users

With the upgrading of the level of consumption, intelligent portable air conditioner gradually popularized in our country. Data show that the domestic sales of smart air-conditioning in 2015 increased 173.5% year on year, sales grew 98.44%, gradually expanding market share, while the smart portable air conditioner market presents a high degree of brand concentration features, including Haier’s most prominent, intelligent portable air conditioner sales accounted for More than 60%, almost every three consumers to buy smart portable air conditioner, there are two options Haier.

It is understood that the portable air conditioner market in recent years, the long-term bottom of the wandering, protracted price war not only failed to effectively solve the problem of high inventories, but make a large number of high energy consumption of old products into the market, poor product experience to further undermine the consumer confidence, the industry into a vicious cycle. In this case, the rapid growth of the smart air conditioner market for portable air conditioner manufacturers to see a ray of dawn, but how to build a good user experience to become a lie in many portable air conditioner brands in front of the natural moat. As the industry’s first smart air-conditioning layout of the brand strategy, Haier now in technology, experience, word of mouth and other aspects of the advantages of the country’s major cities in March smart air conditioner brand share ranking, Haier accounted for has risen to 65%.

Haier’s success is due to its Internet-based solutions – large data interaction to promote product iterations, and then meet the needs of differentiated users. With the help of U-HOME cloud platform, Haier has developed five large data maps, such as installation, binding, fault, function and air quality, accumulated a large number of air-conditioning use data for many years, and then sketched out the basic portrait of the national intelligent air- Haier indicates the direction of product iteration.

According to U-HOME cloud platform data, the health function of intelligent air-conditioners is favored by users, especially in the summer when the frequency of health function is much higher than other intelligent functions, which indicates that the current users The pursuit of healthy air has become a common trend. According to this direction, Haier has developed a number of intelligent health products such as Tianzun, Xindi Bottle and Jinpeng self-cleaning. Among them, self-cleaning technology is Haier’s interactive solution with 33 online and offline users, After the listing of regional testing, the use of the technology of self-cleaning air-conditioning is currently ranked intelligent air-conditioning single model.

Industry experts said that the current high inventory of the portable air conditioner industry needs to break through the dilemma, the choice of consumers are forced to increase portable air conditioner manufacturers to improve efficiency to meet user needs. Haier took the lead in the layout of large air-conditioning data drive smart portable air conditioner market growth for the user to bring a number of intelligent and healthy new products in line with the needs of intelligent strategy to explore the supply side of the spirit of the artisans.

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