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the united states more than 50 best selling portable air conditioner test haier comprehensive evaluation of the first

Recently, the US authority of the testing site The sweethome on the US market selling a variety of 50 mobile portable air conditioner test, Haier mobile portable air conditioner HPN12XCM comprehensive evaluation of the first, was the site as “The Best Portable AC”, and the official website On Haier portable air conditioner as the most worthy of the purchase of products to consumers to recommend. This is following the US “consumer report” authoritative paper media to the local consumer recommended Haier portable air conditioner, the Haier portable air conditioner has been recognized by the US authoritative evaluation site.

It is understood that, the sweethome site is committed to the family of daily equipment evaluation and to recommend the most valuable home appliances, is the United States of America consumer favorite consumer goods evaluation recommended authority website. The test, the sweethome site of the United States on the sale of the balance of 50 different brands of mobile portable air conditioner for up to 20 hours of testing, which, for several hot product testing accounted for a third of the time . After the cooling capacity, dehumidification capacity, energy efficiency and price and other aspects of the assessment, the final Haier mobile portable air conditioner to win, was rated the best performance.

the united states more than 50 best selling portable air conditioner test haier comprehensive evaluation of the first

The sweethome website daily recommended 10 valuable home products to users, in the “most popular” column, Haier mobile portable air conditioner also ranked first. In many brands of portable air conditioner and cooling effect of the same circumstances, Haier mobile portable air conditioner easy to install, more quiet, while the appearance of simple and smooth, a change in other brands of mobile portable air conditioner in the hearts of the user “thorns” ugly image.

The sweethome site for many years mobile portable air conditioner noise of the drawbacks of the selected portable air conditioner conducted a rigorous noise test. Test, the portable air conditioner cooling capacity modulation 10000BTU, the compressor transferred to the most upscale, Haier portable air conditioner noise lowest, much lower than other brands of the same type of portable air conditioner. The site in the “Featured” in the recommendation in particular that in all of the evaluation of products, Haier mobile portable air conditioner mute experience optimal. In addition, the portable air conditioner also has a high energy efficiency, intelligent display of indoor temperature and humidity, strong dehumidification capacity and other characteristics of the evaluation site evaluation it is currently on the market the strongest dehumidification mobile portable air conditioner.

In the United States, Haier portable air conditioner by the user favorite. As early as 2004 in Manhattan Square in New York, it set a 7-hour 7,000 units sold the fastest consumer records; in March this year, users Tom bought one breath, including smart portable air conditioner, including eight Haier portable air conditioner.

diy portable air conditioner

It is understood that, for the United States of intelligent differentiation needs of users, Haier also jointly launched in the United States Google’s first Weave certification of intelligent portable air conditioner, not only energy-saving mute, but also remote control switch, set mode, temperature, a comprehensive solution to the user Window pain points for the convenience of US users. At present, Haier has occupied the United States 12% share of the window machine market for China’s own brand first.

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