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the most northern haier store footprints

Into the depths of the mountains to the deer of the last tribe, met the most North China’s day and night as the most southern tip of the island boarded … … these sounds unusual experience, but really took place in the Haier store employees who .

Every story begins with an accidental agreement, and each story has the same good ending.

China ‘s last deer tribe a wonderful trip to the appointment

Deep in the mountains of the ancient nation Oroqen, is the famous hunting in northern China nation, is also the last one to make deer tribes. Not long ago, the Oroqen Wu family from the Internet to send home appliances sent home, the elderly will not use, desperation had to help hundreds of kilometers outside the Jiagedaqi Haier store.

Song of the store master and Master Liu received the task immediately after the village of Oroqen. Although far away, into the mountains is also a challenge, but think of to see China’s last deer tribal style, the two master also some excitement.

Along the beautiful scenery to the Oroqen tribe adds many mystery, the two master side sigh, while hurry. After three hours by car, and finally to the destination, to see the father Wu Wu Shu.

As Uncle Wu and his wife usually speak only the native language, communication has become a problem, so the master simply on the spot Liu electric pressure cooker steamed pot of rice, the old man began to try to operate the initiative, the action quickly became skilled. Song master is busy to the home of the refrigerator to do a defrost, the body wipe a new one.

Busy Wu Dashu home task, the two master noted that many families in the village home appliance usage is low, with the remote, peripheral did not provide help network, as Wu Dushu this situation really a lot. That day, Master Song and Master Liu for the entire settlement to do a free home appliance service, because the arrival of Haier master, calm the village has become a lot more than in the past bustling.

Oroqen is a very warm nation, in the face of the Haier from the master, the people come up with specialty mushrooms, hazelnuts, persimmon, Master Liu said the scene was really a bit overwhelmed, and finally easy to master and Song master to return to the car . Before leaving, they leave you a promise: If you need help, then we have to come.

China’s “most northern” Haier stores we have a very close encounter with the day

Evening delivery on the road encountered a very day what kind of experience? I am afraid this problem only Haier store master can answer.

June 25, who lives in the Arctic village of Mr. Zhang called Haier store ordered two washing machines, and expressed the hope that the day sent to the desire. Learned the news, the busy day of Master Chen and Master Wang will be rushed loading, starting at 8 pm Arctic village.

an appointment to travel from the south to the most northern haier store footprints

From Mohe County to the Arctic Village, more than 80 kilometers away, along the way with a beautiful paradise-like scenery. Two master arrived, is already nine o’clock, but the day is still bright, the original is the Arctic Circle day and night as the whole village into a city that never sleeps.

After two good washing machine master, but also to help Mr. Zhang to check the TV and line again. Mr. Zhang said, to see them so late to run so far to delivery, heart warm.

Witness the wonders of nature, the Haier store two master to complete the agreement with the customer.

Haier stores, “by about delivery” of the guidelines is by no means a simple slogan is to use the actual action to test, to witness, like the very day of the weather, so that the user’s heart bright and dignified.

Create China ‘s “South” service record agreement with the depths of the Pacific

January 1, two Haier store master with a refrigerator, came to China’s southernmost city of San Sha City, Mr. Fu sent the user the first surprise for the New Year.

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After receiving orders from the southernmost tip of China, the two masters of the store went across the sea, experienced 17 hours of sea bumps, endured six or seven storms, all the way dizzy, even so, they really Sands on the pier, the body’s discomfort has long been replaced by the excitement of the mood, because this step to step out, it means that the creation of China’s southernmost user service records.

But also excited than they are the user character Mr., watching the two carefully to help him install the master, debugging finished the refrigerator, he delighted to enjoy the service process, and then seriously in the receipt of a single write down greatly “satisfied” Two words. Inadvertently, he put himself into the history – the first city of Sansha City, the largest online shopping commodity users.

Mr. Fu said excitedly: “really did not expect, Haier store really brought the refrigerator, the service is particularly good, I am particularly satisfied with the future of our island to buy home appliances do not have to worry about.

“Wind and waves will sometimes, straight hanging Yunfan economic sea”, Haier store intrepid, not afraid of suffering, only with your agreement.

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