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The basic knowledge of mobile portable air conditioning you have mastered it?

In the past, we stubbornly think that big things must be good, like we buy fruit will pick big, buy a cupboard also like to buy big, but not the case, ok, with our current social technology, our concept Also changed, it is not all the things that are good is good. Mobile portable air conditioning we should be no stranger, because now many people will choose, but we do not necessarily clear some of the knowledge of portable portable air conditioning, this article on the basic knowledge of portable portable air conditioning we can look at it!

Mobile portable air conditioning works
From a technical point of view, mobile portable air conditioning and the use of ordinary air conditioning power, cooling capacity is basically the same. The air circulation is designed to reduce the indoor air temperature while sucking into the outdoor fresh air, the essence of air conditioning through the outdoor compressor for hot and cold exchange refrigeration (air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, Heat, and mobile air conditioning is completed by the indoor unit alone. In the purchase of mobile portable air-conditioning consumers to clear mobile portable air conditioning is the biggest feature of the local range of cooling function is superior, is the best use of the scope, rather than the entire area can enjoy a good cooling experience.

Portable air conditioning

best portable air conditioner for apartment

Mobile portable air conditioning is good
Mobile portable air conditioning varies according to the use of the environment. In the office, outdoor temporary command center, open workshop and other public places, the accuracy requirements of the higher room, equipment, instrumentation and other places, one of the multi-purpose houses, kitchen, often moving, rental building groups are more suitable for the use of mobile portable air conditioning The

Mobile portable air-conditioning price distribution is extensive, the price range is relatively large, the basic market price between 2000-3000, and now many mainstream air conditioning prices and there is no big gap. Compared with ordinary air conditioning mobile portable air conditioning within the scope of the cooling effect than ordinary air conditioning faster, do not consider the placement of outdoor units, like a fan as convenient, plug and play.

Mobile portable air conditioning is Vientiane, you can move to the desired place, more convenient and practical, in the local aspects of the effect and the traditional air conditioning is almost the same. It can significantly adjust the temperature of the indoor air, and can be adjusted to different temperatures as needed. But after the use of indoor air temperature is not uniform, easy to produce discomfort, and susceptible to air conditioning disease. While the power is larger, power consumption.

Mobile portable air conditioning is still widely distributed, the price is very wide, we can choose the price range is also great, and now mobile portable air conditioning market price is probably between two thousand to three thousand, this with the general Air conditioning is no difference, but mobile portable air conditioning is very convenient, as long as there is a switch, we can be inserted into the use, which is now more and more people choose to move the reasons for portable air conditioning.

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