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the reason that buying a portable air conditioner after demo

March is the golden season decoration, portable air conditioner is also a new purchase of the new peak, with the past is different, this spring is the most impressed consumers is no longer the price, but experience. In recent days in Changsha Yongzhou Haier portable air conditioner store an order, for example, the brothers read the self-cleaning air-conditioning real machine function demonstration, the one-time spent 10 million to buy 14 Haier smart portable air conditioner. It is reported that such an order to buy more than one air-conditioning situation, from Haier smart air conditioner global market is not new. From products, services to marketing and other processes on the user experience the importance of Haier won more orders.

“Seeing is believing, read the real machine demonstration, we feel that this self-cleaning technology Kaopu”, so why simply underground single, the two brothers responded. It is understood that both brothers have old people and children at home, the health function of portable air conditioner is particularly important in the store seen Haier intelligent self-cleaning portable air conditioner through the frost, defrosting, radiator self-cleaning process, but also with mobile phones Experience its intelligent application, the real machine demonstration to the brothers had a heart, on the spot under the 14 sets of orders, ready to complete the villa decoration immediately installed.

In fact, one person to buy more than one Haier smart portable air conditioner phenomenon is not the first time. Last year in July, Shijiazhuang, a 30-year-old woman on-site experience Haier days portable air conditioner portable air conditioner disease prevention of health even after the wind, the spot under the 12 sets of orders in January this year, the US Refrigeration Exhibition (AHR) The United States men a one-time purchase of eight Haier smart portable air conditioner, because they fit the actual needs of their families; near the Spring Festival, Mr. Wang for the health of colleagues to consider, spend 12 million units for the purchase of “New Year” – 10 days bottles portable air conditioner …

Analysis of the industry, to win so many large single, because Haier smart portable air conditioner deduction to experience the pulse of the economy, the product experience to do before the user, the user’s trust. In the portable air conditioner raw material prices, the industry eager for the 2015 backlog of 40 million sets of zombie portable air conditioner “to inventory” background, Haier smart portable air conditioner refused to price war, but the user experience as a breakthrough, to provide users with new intelligent products, To achieve contrarian breakout. Self-cleaning air-conditioning, for example, this product is solved by the user to ignore the dirty portable air conditioner air pollution problems, eliminating the need for a large cleaning costs, while the outstanding performance in intelligence, health, save money and convenient, allowing users to benefit. March Haier global brand festival began, only two weeks time, the series portable air conditioner to achieve sales doubled.

target portable air conditioner

American futurist Alvin Toffler in the “impact of the future,” pointed out that “the future economy will be an experience economy, the future of the producer will be manufacturing experience, experience manufacturers will become the basic pillar of the economy one”. The future has come, Haier intelligent portable air conditioner allows users to the most concerned about the intelligence, health, energy and other issues have the most intuitive experience, to continue to lead the sales of intelligent portable air conditioner for the price war in the portable air conditioner industry that a new path.

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