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soaring oil prices today fuel efficient is imminent

One summer there will always ask the driver, “open the window and open portable air conditioner which is more costly oil,” most of the old drivers will say, “Of course, more expensive oil window!” Really? Directly into the topic to see the article.

In this case,

Automotive portable air conditioner about 20% of the engine power, so the portable air conditioner will use part of the engine power, fuel consumption will increase, the specific increase in fuel consumption and vehicle displacement and speed. Usually 100 km fuel consumption of 10 liters of cars, portable air conditioner when the fuel consumption will increase about 2 liters. Open portable air conditioner on the impact of fuel consumption is very obvious, at a speed of 60km h or less, the window driving than driving portable air conditioner to be more fuel efficient! Do not believe it? But the truth is!

In this case,

We have done two experiments, one experiment to choose a high-speed and national road, 106 km one-way. The odometer to zero, along the way to ensure that at every speed are not less than 10 km uniform speed to ensure the accuracy of measured data, record fuel consumption and feel as follows:

50 km h:

Open portable air conditioner: fuel consumption 5.8, 20 ℃ cold portable air conditioner, strength of three cells, feeling cool breeze slowly, quiet and comfortable.

Window: fuel consumption 5.2, the wind with the sun.

60 kilometers hour:

portable air conditioner: fuel consumption 6.2, car music in the melodious.

Window: fuel consumption 6.1, set in the seat of the plastic film began to sing, radio? Off the bar.

70 km h:

portable air conditioner: fuel consumption 6.4, comfortable.

fedders portable air conditioner

Window: fuel consumption 6.4, called the phone was close to the ears before hearing it clear. “I’m sorry, can you make a big noise?” He said to the phone.

80 km h:

portable air conditioner: fuel consumption 6.4, comfortable.

Window: fuel consumption 6.5, plastic film more happy to dance singing. The left side of a bus flash, obviously feeling the neck hair is about to set off. On the phone said: “hear, wait for the next call to you.

90 km h:

portable air conditioner: fuel consumption 6.5, comfortable.

Fenestration: fuel consumption 7.1, gave up the phone, the car to talk to two people repeated a few times near the loud. “

changhong portable air conditioner sales growth trend behind the speeding transformation and upgrading is the key

100 km h:

portable air conditioner: fuel consumption 7.0, comfortable.

Window: fuel consumption 7.9, a car from the left roaring past, leaving the air tearing voice, companion, said the plastic film of the noise is not always ears, so that she can not focus on thinking, she really headache .

110 km h:

Open portable air conditioner: fuel consumption 7.3, comfortable.

Window: fuel consumption 8.1, to give up any ideas, stop to see the odometer and fuel consumption table, only one thought: “quickly measure the end of the index quickly.”

Experienced two is selected from the stadium through the Moganshan Road to the North Bus Station of the city road, one-way 9 km; experienced a red light, traffic jams, fierce throttle and brakes, the speed remained at 10 to 60 km hour. The results show: portable air conditioner, integrated fuel consumption 13.1; window, integrated fuel consumption 11.7.

In this case,

In fact, when the speed of 60km h below the window by the wind resistance is far from portable air conditioner loss. The most critical is the way you open the windows to be correct, the use of wind factors “turn disadvantages for the benefit,” but … …

You do well to meet the heat waves outside the window, noise, all kinds of smell and hair of the psychological preparation?

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