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smart technology leader hisense portable air conditioner industry was smart innovation award

July 13, in the China Institute of Refrigeration guidance, Ovid Cloud hosted the “2016 cold portable air conditioner industry Summit and China Intelligent portable air conditioner Summit”, Hisense portable air conditioner with industry-leading intelligent technology, product innovation is the industry as Smart portable air conditioner, “Innovation Award”, which reflects the “technology” Hisense portable air conditioner over the past two years has been increasing intelligence strategy is getting better, the current Hisense to voice control, intelligent light perception, intelligent human intelligence and intelligent cloud platform and other independent Master of technological innovation has been pulling the first competition, is to differentiate the smart boutique for the pilot leveraging the industry’s intelligent transformation and upgrading.

According to Ovid Cloud published the same day, “China Smart Room Air Conditioner Industry Development White Paper”, the past two years from the primary intelligence to connect smart, smart sensors and suitable for the user environment, intermediate intelligence, and then to interoperability on the basis of cloud analysis of users Demand, the air humidity, temperature, cleanliness and air flow to adjust the high intelligence, China’s portable air conditioner industry, intelligent process with the Internet and other information technology updates iteration continues to accelerate, has become the portable air conditioner industry, an important breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading . From the overall smart penetration point of view, the 2016 cold years, smart portable air conditioner in sales, sales on the penetration rate of 16.1% and 20.2%, respectively, year on year rose 8.1% and 9.7%, contrarian growth.

The face of the impact of Internet change, Hisense is the first intelligent transformation strategy, but the implementation of the most low-key enterprise, intelligent transformation is more focused on the product of intelligent. It is reported that in 2013, China’s portable air conditioner industry, “frequency expert” Hisense launched the first micro-Bo control “Internet smart portable air conditioner” to the current balance of 40 smart products lineup, intelligent sales of their own penetration rate of more than 57%. Hisense relevant person in charge of portable air conditioner, said the user is not flicker smart, user experience is the degree of intelligence benchmark test, the real intelligence is not only understand the needs of users of life, but also for the user to think, bring value to the user.

This year, around the user needs differentiated “pain point”, Hisense launched a subversive significance of the “Hyun turn” portable air conditioner, “Kang beauty” pearl “portable air conditioner, European Cup commemorative models” Xiao Xuanfeng “portable air conditioner and other differentiated products, intelligent Hisense has always believed that technological innovation is the first driving force of intelligent portable air conditioner, intelligent portable air conditioner iteration upgrade, enhance the user experience of the fundamental, Hisense’s intelligent technology is not just a simple interoperability, has evolved To a higher level of innovation: intelligent control, not just remote control, but also intelligent human sense, wind or wind to avoid people; intelligent temperature control, according to the external environment automatically adjust the indoor temperature; intelligent detection, automatic start purification, automatic reminder Replacement of filters, etc .; intelligent warranty, automatic fault repair and so on.

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Moreover, Hisense has developed and successfully applied the voice intelligent control technology, optical control technology, somatosensory control technology and other new technologies, combined with 16.5 ultra-quiet, nanoe moisturizing beauty technology and other industry-leading technology to establish a unique portable air conditioner intelligence , Comfortable, healthy new heights. More critical is to rely on 19 million users of intelligent eco-cloud platform to open up the portable air conditioner, business, user interaction, so that portable air conditioner has a “thinking” of the brain, intelligent portable air conditioner competition from a single intelligent function extends to The platform of a high degree of rapid occupation of the strategic high-altitude high ground.

smart technology leader hisense portable air conditioner industry was smart innovation award

For the portable air conditioner industry, the intelligent portable air conditioner market has become the frequency conversion, the new growth point and development momentum. The future, intelligent portable air conditioner will present a variety of intelligent, adaptive, networked three characteristics, with the smart home appliances to flourish, smart home appliances will form a huge networking platform, portable air conditioner in which to play the user “air housekeeper” Important role, which is the Hisense portable air conditioner ahead of the layout of “intelligent eco-platform” in the meaning of the title.

In this regard, industry experts pointed out that today’s portable air conditioner market, homogenization of serious smart products, simple remote control has been unable to form a sufficient attraction to consumers, so companies will begin to explore the realization of more intelligent portable air conditioner possible, such as Hisense Sub-peak of the award-winning “pearl” portable air conditioner independent application of intelligent light perception, it can be adjusted according to light intensity wind speed, automatic switching, portable air conditioner market has become a smart portable air conditioner benchmarking products. It is foreseeable that, with the intelligent portable air conditioner in-depth innovation, the market continued to segment, the value of differentiation will become the smart air conditioner market, an important breakthrough in the future direction.

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