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Environmental portable air conditioner transport process to pay attention to what?

Of course, we have done very well in this regard, but we tend to overlook the transport process of the Notes, which will lead to unnecessary (1), but not all of the goods, loss. Here we take the environmental portable air conditioner as an example, talk about the environmental portable air conditioner transport precautions to ensure or reduce unnecessary losses.

1, in the transport process, please do not near the fire.

2, should be placed vertically, do not put horizontally or upside down.

3, the fuselage in the running process, do not open the top cover, side panels, blades and other machine parts.

4, in the product before we run the equipment should be checked the fuselage, bearings should be more oil.

5, the transport distance closer, no packaging, but handling should be light to move, to avoid being hit, the weight of the product damage.

6, environmental protection portable air conditioner shell is anti-aging plastic case, but it is, after all, plastic, so far from the transport, must fight wooden, or will damage the portable air conditioner shell, or even affect the normal use of deformation.

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