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skoda air filter is effective? skoda from the anti haze small common sense hot event can be seen

Recently, Skoda held in the car home of the SAIC-Volkswagen Skoda Haze little knowledge of public awareness activities, attracting the attention of the owners, not only the whole body of Skoda certification owners and other major car owners are also involved To the activities, the activities carried out in full swing. Why is this event so attractive to the major owners, I would like to prizes Skoda air filter in addition to excellent filter effect to attract people outside, is that this event really can cause the sympathy of participants.

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“How many days do you not see the blue sky and white clouds? Do you have long-term living in the haze of trouble?” Activities to ask. Yes, now the air pollution is serious, not only haze, as well as sandstorms, ozone layer damage, harmful gas emissions and so on problems plaguing people. Skoda in the car home with “PM2.5 highly efficient air purification filter + I Skoda XX car owners + your anti-haze little common sense” in the form of collecting riders you published haze knowledge, not only lead to the owners of the car air filter Of attention, but also cause you to air pollution problems of thinking and attention, this is the real significance of this activity.

No to improve the pollution of the atmosphere, not to fight the damage caused by the air pollution, but can start from the little things, starting from the side of protection. In general, the interior space is more limited, in addition to dust and harmful gases from the external atmosphere of pollution, interior decoration materials, long-term inadequate sanitation, the car brings the air pollution makes the car even more pollution In the general air pollution. So the air filter inside the car is particularly important. Skoda car portable air conditioner filter uphold the concept of public vehicle development, in accordance with SAIC Volkswagen product development standards for technology development and design, and through the material, size, performance, road and a series of professional test accreditation, professional testing PM2.5 filter up to 99.9%

skoda air filter is effective? skoda from the anti haze small common sense hot event can be seen

Up to 99.9% of the PM2.5 filtration effect? Skoda air filter is how to do it? This is due to the advanced materials used in the Skoda automotive air filter cartridge meltblown non-woven fiber, this material relative to the ordinary portable air conditioner filter material compared to a smaller diameter, thicker density, dust capacity is greater. Melt-blown non-woven fabric with the tip of the static electret technology, non-woven interception on the basis of the electrostatic adsorption effect, the better to intercept very small PM2.5 particles. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the addition of activated carbon Skoda air filter components, so that Skoda air filter than the average portable air conditioner filter more than the effect of adsorption of harmful gases.

Surprisingly, Skoda air filter is very low cost, relative to some of the so-called big brand of car air purifier easily thousands of dollars, Skoda air filter is not only better filtration efficiency, the use of lower cost, only need to replace the annual 2 Times, in exchange for family-free breathing health.

Skoda air filter is effective? A simple change, the actual effect of personal experience, I believe Skoda car portable air conditioner filter will bring you an unprecedented fresh air experience inside the car. Anti-haze, anti-air pollution, Skoda car portable air conditioner filter with every owner to adhere to the front.

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