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secret on detailed differences between air conditioner and portable air conditioner

Secrets? What’s the real differences of portable air conditioner and air conditioners?

For most families in Summer, the only weapon that can beat the scorching heat or cool the high temperature is none other than the non-air-conditioned objectives, but I recently learned that some portable air conditioners under the some famous-branded also begun to attract the attention of some consumer groups.

Currently, viewing from the whole air conditioner market, the number of famous-brand portable air codnitioner manufacturers are still relatively small. Due to the less optional products and with certain restrictions on the products for the comsumer crowd, resulting in portable air conditioner is on a lower degree of being concerned in stores and malls , the purchasers and buyers of portable air conditioners naturally relatively are limited. But the market is diverse, some users who will buy portable ac began to show closer attention and concern on the characteristics of the product usage.

Speaking of this, many people must have a lot of doubts. For example, What is the difference of air conditioner and portable air conditioner? What product features does a portable air conditioner have ? Portable air conditioner for what consumer people use is better? How about the price target of a portable air conditioner?

And what’s the distictions of an air conditioner and a portable air conditioner,both in life and in products?

●Fundamental differences of the ac and portable ac on operational principle

●Opinions differ on the ac and portable ac by consumers

●What are the deatured advantages of a portable air conditioner?

Fundamental differences of the ac and portable ac on operational principle

Portable air conditioner is a mobile ac with free installation but with the same cold wind and cool wind as the air conditioner does.

Are there any differences in the design principles of the ac and portable ac? We would have to look at it in detail on the two products design principles.

What is a portable air conditioner?

Portable air conditioner is a breaking idea in the traditional air conditioner technology design concept, with a small and light body but has extremely high energy efficiency, without having to install, but can be positioned at any corner inside the house. From the external, we can see that there is few difference from the household cleaners neither in model nor volume.Portable air conditioner is a stylish, light-weighted, smart, personalized and charming idea in the modern summer day.

Portable air conditioner is fully equipped with compressor, exhaust fan, heater, evaporator, air-cooled fin condensers and other devices readily available, the body with the power plug, chassis installed base four casters, make the portable air conditioner moves freely.

What is an air conditioner?

An air conditioner is also called Room air conditioner. Hanging air conditioner is a unit that is used for providiong air to a given area (usually closed inside room). Its function is to adjust the room’s (or enclosed space, area), air temperature, humidity, cleanliness and air flow rate and other parameters so that to meet human comfort or process requirements.

An air conditioner can be divided into two functions of single cold air conditioning and heating and air conditioning,but dual working principle is the same. The general use of air conditioner is refrigerant Freon. Freon has the characteristic: when the gas to liquid, releasing a lot of heat. The transition from liquid to gaseous state, it will absorb a lot of heat. Based on this principle,so an air conditioner is designed.

The compressor compresses a gaseous refrigerant of high temperature and high pressure liquid refrigerant, and then fed to the condenser (outdoor unit) after cooling at room temperature to become a high pressure liquid refrigerant, the outdoor unit so that blown out hot air.

Opinions differ on the ac and portable ac by consumers

First, the difference of principle

1, from the technical point of view, the power consumption and cooling capacity between an air conditioner and a portable air conditioner is substantially the same. The difference is that air circulation design, ordinary air conditioner air flow circulation is for indoor air circulation.However, the portable air conditioner is to reduce indoor air temperature, while also sucked into the fresh air outdoor, hot and cold air-conditioning compressor is essentially through outdoor and indoor refrigeration heat exchange separately, but portable air conditioner finishes this work by indoor units only.

Consumers in the purcha processe should be aware that the biggest feature of the portable air conditioner is superior in cooling the partial area,insetad of the whole place.

Second, different noise performance

Because portable air conditioner as a integrated unit, noise that it produces is relatively louder than that the conventional air conditioner does.

What are the deatured advantages of a portable air conditioner?

What differs an air conditioner and a portable air conditioner in use of features? What kind of consumer people more fittable for using them respectively?

Portable air conditioner is featured with its convenience, low cost, mainly applies to:

1, office, outdoor temporary command center, open workshops and other public places;

2, high precision machine room, instrumentation equipment rooms and other places;

3, a multi-purpose machine houses and kitchen;

4, frequent relocation, lease building people groups.

Overall, the inconvenience of installing an outdoor unit spaces are inseparable from portable air conditioner, mobile air conditioning because of its portability, the first rise in the United States and Europe, and are now being widely used.

Air Conditioner application Scope:

Air conditioner is widely liked by consumers for its convenience, rapid cooling heat, it applies to the different needs of families to buy and install.


For portable air conditioner, it works better in partial cooling performance. it is the preferred in room and in public places for beating the hot summer day. But for air conditioner, after installation is finished, it is more suitable for long-term use in a fixed indoor home environment.

Portable air conditioner superiority Secret:

1, the cooling effect of the partial area faster than the ordinary air conditioner does, for example: to prevent computers, instruments and other equipment from being overheating, can be directly transferred to the front of the air blowing straight state, to achieve the cooling effect.

2, no need to consider the placement of the outdoor unit, as easy as the fan that use immediately by plugging in power. For example: the overtime group in business offices just use the hot exhaust pipe routed away, then they can immediately have a cool space.

3, equipped with Vientiane wheel that can be moved to the desired place, more convenient and practical. For example: whether rooms or kitchen can go with you as your wish.

What’s the secret? Detailed differences between air conditioning and portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioner offers great convinience for the places that unable be installed with outdoor air conditionerunits, it is the best supplement of central air conditioning. With the development of the market, we believe that the portable air conditioner will gain more consumer awareness and attention, and we need to choose to buy the desired or on-demand air-conditioning products according to the accordingly use.


Portable air conditioner: currently on the market priced between 2000RMB to 3000RMB ($300 to $450), the price gap is not obvious.

Air conditioner: widely distributed in prices, the price range of option is more.

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