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Environmental protection portable air conditioner superior performance

1, super environmental protection: no pollution, no discharge gas.
2, super energy-saving: than the traditional portable air conditioner power of about 80%.
3, ultra-low noise: the use of nine low-noise axial fan, high air volume.
4, super peace of mind: automatic protection: voltage / current phase protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, water protection, automatic cleaning function.
5, thick injection molding shell: the design life of 10-15 years. PP copolymer modified engineering materials (new materials rather than old materials or semi-new materials), adding enhanced toughener, anti-aging agent.
6, high-density evaporator: with a wrap-edge protection of durable 5090 curtain, the service life of 5-8 years.
7, dedicated waterproof grade copper motor: weight ratio, stability, strong anti-rust, anti-acid corrosion.
8, the world’s leading technology variable frequency controller 12 speed, LCD display, temperature and humidity control timer switch.
9, special submersible circulating pump, submersible drainage pump, mechanical inlet valve drainage function comparable to the washing machine.
10, PVC hard water pipes, water distribution plate water, will not produce pipe off, leakage problems, safe and reliable, the design life of 15 years.

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