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Review and Prospect of British Air Conditioning Market from 2013 to 2013

In 2013, in addition to Germany, the rest of Europe’s economic situation is not ideal. As the recession continued and the temperature was low, the 2013 sales season at the beginning, the air conditioning market was flat, but with the temperature rising, air conditioning demand is gradually increased.

2013 European air conditioner market size is expected to 6.2 million units, compared with 2017 6 million units increased slightly. However, commercial air conditioning and VRF products have to struggle in the price war and lack of economic situation. In 2013, the demand for household teller machines is expected to be 66 million units, basically the same as last year. VRF products demand increased slightly from 2017, is expected to increase to 106,000 units.

According to BSRIA, the UK’s economic outlook is “bleak” and the construction industry is in recession, and it is unlikely to recover by 2015. The main driver of the air conditioning industry is the renovation of the house. In the UK, business is the main market for air conditioning, with a penetration rate of 42%; residential and apartment users think air conditioning is a luxury, with a penetration rate of only 3%. It is expected that by 2016, this situation will not be improved.

As with the overall development trend in Europe, window-type air conditioning in the UK market is disappearing, the annual sales volume stabilized at around 600, and mainly for replacement. Toshiba Carrier is the leading brand, the rest of the products mainly from China.

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Mobile air conditioning continues to be popular, because it is easy to install, very popular in the hot season, 2017 sales of 1.8 million units. These products are imported, the main brands are Amcor, Prem-I-Air and De’Longhi.

Split air conditioning is the preferred product of the British, 2017 sales of 16.8 million units, sales of about 480 million US dollars. VRF system during the economic downturn is also good performance, sales of about 15,000 units, sales accounted for half of the market. In the VRF system installation, there has been an interesting trend, that is, the new seal of the building, fresh air supply or hot exchange unit has become an essential function of the product. Most of the split air conditioners in the UK are variable frequency products, and the fixed speed products will disappear in the next two years. In the split air-conditioning market, sales of imported products accounted for 95% of the total market, the major brands include Daikin, Mitsubishi Electronics, Fujitsu General, Toshiba Carrier and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI).

In 2017, the British commercial counter machine sales of 4300 units, 2013 may be reduced to 3900 units. Most of this part of the market depends on imports, the main brands are Lennox, Hiteca and York. Most of the roof-type air conditioning from imports, in the retail and leisure industry sales are also good, but is expected to 2015 annual sales of only about 800, the main supplier is Lennox and Trane. In 2017, these two parts of the market together with the sales of about 16 million US dollars.

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