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Rescue air conditioning dilemma: four transition road and upgrade

2016 air conditioning industry development difficult, then the enterprise will take any measures to carry out product upgrades and structural adjustment? In fact, the road to product transformation has long been open, what is the current results, the future and what new direction?

Frequency of steady growth in the country slowed down

In the domestic air-conditioning business driven by the lead, inverter air conditioner since the rapid development in 2009, by 2015 the total size of 41.94 million units in the domestic market accounted for 54%. From eight million units in 2009 to the present breakthrough of 40 million units, the scale turned 5 times only 6 years, especially domestic sales in 2009, only 384 million units in 2015 reached 34.02 million units, growth 8 times, become the mainstream of the domestic air-conditioning products.

From the inverter air conditioner and fixed speed air conditioning growth, inverter air conditioner growth has been in a dominant position, especially before 2014, the growth rate of significant advantages, indicating that inverter air conditioner in the domestic market cutting speed faster, but when the inverter air conditioner Become the mainstream, the market to maintain a high level, 2015 inverter air conditioner growth slowed down, the huge advantage of growth is no longer. Domestic air conditioning industry in 2015 fell 8.2% over the previous year, of which 5.1% decline in frequency, fixed-speed air-conditioning down 10.1%.

And from the last few months, inverter air conditioner growth and industry growth rate almost flat, and even individual months of growth is still lower than the industry average, the overall development of a modest trend. The main reason is that the current development of air conditioning industry environment in the doldrums, the mainstream status of the frequency is also difficult to be affected by the impact; Second, fixed-speed air-conditioning in the domestic market there is still a certain demand for space, to achieve a balanced demand point, There will be a period of growth. The next few years if there is no big factor to stimulate the proportion of inverter air conditioner structure will remain at the current level of reasonable range, growth tends to be stable.

Energy efficiency significantly enhance the structure and technology double upgrade

2015 Although the development of domestic air conditioning inside and outside the trapped, stressful, but the product structure adjustment has been carried out, according to industry online monitoring data show that, although the 2015 inverter air conditioner APF3 level products still dominate, but APF1 and APF2 grade products The energy efficiency has been significantly improved, the structure of the ratio than in 2014 have increased, 2016 1 and 2 of the product structure will continue to be optimized. In terms of absolute growth, the amount of APF1 inverter air conditioner in 2015 increased by 623% compared with the same period in 2014. Although the amount of APF2 level decreased, but in the APF3 level down 9.7%, and the entire frequency of 5.1% decline in the case , Indicating that APF2 products to maintain a slight drop is also not easy.

Technology and product innovation and low capacity to create a weak demand for home appliances industry is difficult to solve the problem, to promote the structural upgrading of home appliances to promote home appliance enterprises to get rid of low-end, inefficient competition has become the most important 2016, upgrade the consumption structure of air-conditioning products and promote high-end transformation will become the industry development line. Targeting high value-added, high premium capacity, and promote high-end product structure and technology upgrade. Level 1 and 2 products continue to spread, to guide the product structure to upgrade the strategic orientation, which in promoting the level of social energy to improve at the same time, will also pull the entire air conditioning industry value chain upgrade, through the gorgeous product structure turned, you can guide Industry to get rid of low-end price war mud.

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Environmental protection of new refrigerant significantly increased R410a shrinkage significantly

According to the provisions of the Kyoto Protocol, China’s efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is arduous, for the air conditioning industry, the future use of R22 will be reduced year by year. R22 refrigerant from the recent trend of a variety of refrigerants, air conditioning products still occupy a dominant position, but accounting for 71% from 2010 to 51% in 2015, R410a and other new refrigerant in the past few years Consumption has expanded from 28% in 2010 to 49%. However, since 2014, R32 and other emerging alternative refrigerant began to flourish, its rapid growth not only squeeze the R22 share, but also makes the proportion of R410a refrigerant air conditioning products shrink, from 44% in 2014 to 39% in 2015.

In the foreseeable future years, R32 and R290 and other emerging alternative refrigerant will also maintain rapid growth, on the one hand because of the replacement of the old refrigerant products demand, the second is the government in the funding and other support, the third is the cost of efficiency The choice of demand. In addition, the European region erp standard upgrade, some small refrigeration equipment such as mobile air conditioning or dehumidifier products on the R290 refrigerant demand will be bullish.

Intelligent, clean and appearance “inside and outside” are flowering

Air conditioning products on the one hand to do the function of “fertility”, on the other hand, air conditioning modeling and design in the “thin” campaign. This is another significant change in the air conditioning industry in recent years, internal upgrades and appearance upgrades continue in double liter.

In addition to the basic energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent has become the development trend of air conditioning products, leading enterprises are also actively follow the development of intelligent products, air conditioning companies have launched their own smart products, both technical and functional have their own characteristics. Haier launched the intelligent cloud air conditioning days bottles series, equipped with WiFi control technology, can achieve a full set of home appliances, mobile control terminal and the perfect interaction of home appliances. The latest launch of platinum air conditioning, not only in the appearance of subversion of the traditional air-conditioning, in the intelligent experience also take a big step forward. Now, the United States is from the “home appliance manufacturers” to “smart home service providers” transformation. Data show that the sales of intelligent air conditioning is also growing rapidly in 2014, an increase of 300%, while the year-on-year growth rate of 173.5% in 2015, the proportion of sales has reached 5.47%.

We look at the major air-conditioning mainstream manufacturers released new products and found that almost all of the high-end products are equipped with formaldehyde, in addition to PM2.5, air filtration and other air conditioning function. Air conditioning products are becoming more powerful health technology.

In addition, the appearance of cylindrical products is still the market acceptance of high products, ultra-thin air conditioning is the appearance of the development trend.

Whether it is from the smart, variable or energy-efficient demand growth, the user’s demand for the product is still value-driven, these needs are in line with the current consumer market, the core of the value of demand, reflects the “energy saving, comfort, intelligence “Demand trends.

The past two years, the domestic air conditioning market, the ecological environment is relatively poor, the short term this fundamentals will not fundamentally reverse and improve the high inventory and price war will be the normalization of the air conditioning industry phenomenon, but the pace of product upgrades but Faster and faster, in 2016 AWE, many air conditioning brands in the pursuit of differentiation at the same time, in the smart, personality customization, health and other aspects of further exploration.

Cited the United States and the United States home air conditioning business unit president Wu Wensheng in the March 1 at the “US air-conditioning ECO frequency star plan launch conference,” the words: “There is no downturn in the market, only the sluggish brand and product, the key or how to provide Better products to consumers. “This sentence pointed out that the current domestic air-conditioning market situation is a breakthrough. China’s air-conditioning market has entered the stock market competition stage, is no longer from scratch, but from the good, how to provide better products, reduce supply and demand dislocation, structural supply is the future of air-conditioning business social responsibility, And this thinking is also in line with the current implementation of the supply side is gradually reform, but also in the winter and the last inevitable choice of laughter.

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