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refrigerator intelligent enterprise war to upgrade the transformation of home appliances into a trend

With smart phones, smart TVs, Pad and other intelligent terminals more and more popular, intelligent home appliance industry has become an important trend of development. No exception, white electric industry, “big man” refrigerator also have to catch the smart express. But a firm foothold in the market need to own home appliances business technology, product upgrades.

refrigerator intelligent enterprise war to upgrade the transformation of home appliances into a trend

Breaking the traditional smart home appliances upgrade

With the growing trend of smart home appliances, more and more appliances under the banner of intelligence into the smart army, this time how to stand out from the many intelligent products become the focus of business thinking. In early 2014, Haier, Midea, Samsung, Meiling and other Chinese and foreign brands have launched their own new smart refrigerator, which launched the first white domestic enterprises with remote control, recognizable features of the new generation of intelligent refrigerator concern. The release of a new generation of intelligent refrigerators break the traditional concept of intelligent home appliances and the interaction between people, better reflect the intelligent word. This shows a new generation of smart home appliances upgrade war has been opened.

Intelligent transformation of home appliances into a trend

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This year in March, Haier U + intelligent operating system come out. The system not only break the boundaries of different brands of smart home bottlenecks, and the shortest time. Users only 12 seconds will be able to achieve with all the different brands, different products, the class of intelligent home interoperability. At the same time, Changhong, Hisense and other white big brother have also launched their own intelligent operation platform. According to Haier insiders said, “the future market will have more software, hardware vendors access to intelligent platform to the formation of intelligent operating system ecosystem, to the entire ecosystem by 2018 to achieve revenue of 300 billion yuan.” The future of smart home appliances transition appliances Internet is imperative.

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