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Chinese home appliance research expert dialogue Haier self – cleaning portable air conditioner

“With the concept of family health enjoys popular support, household appliances have entered a new era of health, quality, intelligence as the main features.” In June 16th organized by the “intelligent portable air conditioner technology innovation dialogue” as the theme of intellectual enjoyment salon , China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, Institute of Test Technology, Lu Jianguo published a view of the current home appliances upgrade. At the meeting, Haier was invited as an outstanding business representative to demonstrate the portable air conditioner self-cleaning and innovative features, and was awarded the “Intelligent portable air conditioner Innovation Award.”

portable window air conditioner

The wisdom to enjoy the salon by the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute of Intelligent Family Research Center, Health Appliance Analysis and Testing Center jointly organized by Haier portable air conditioner. It is understood that the home portable air conditioner’s own secondary clean, in addition to taste, sterilization and other key indicators began to be widely understood by consumers. In order to promote the development of home appliance ecosystem, and strengthen the competitiveness of high-quality household electrical appliances in the market, China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute held a smart portable air conditioner as the theme of the salon. Haier introduced self-cleaning portable air conditioner at the meeting, and on-site to answer questions from consumers and experts.

“portable air conditioner self-cleaning in the end is clean where?” Facing the scene of consumer questions, Haier portable air conditioner R & D personnel explained that the more dirty the portable air conditioner, especially the radiator bacteria exceeded, difficult to clean has been the user’s pain point, “Function of portable air conditioner products, in the refrigeration, heating operation at the same time can give yourself a” bath “to eliminate the radiator dust, solve the troublesome family air cleaning problems. Subsequently, Haier staff live demonstration of portable air conditioner self-cleaning process, the scene after the consumer and the media watched the spot expressed willingness to buy.

The moment is in the portable air conditioner sales season, the industry increasingly fierce competition, and consumers tend to buy more rational products, their secondary clean, in addition to taste, sterilization and other indicators have become the most intuitive technical parameters of healthy portable air conditioner. Last year in August, Haier led the development of “self-cleaning air conditioner general requirements” and the patented self-cleaning technology by the China Association for Standardization as the industry standard for publication. Sharon scene, Lu Jianguo, director of the healthy development of portable air conditioner combined with the guidance of consumers how to properly purchase portable air conditioner and so on.

Technology innovation stems from the grasp of user needs, it is reported that Haier portable air conditioner has been 2479 patents, leading to the development of the 18 national standards, 15 industry first health technology. In the wave of mobile Internet, Haier successfully from the product to the layout of the ecosphere, the successful construction of the wisdom of the air ecosystem, the future of Haier will continue to tap to meet user needs, enrich the healthy air experience under various scenarios. “

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