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portable industrial air cooler questions and answers

1, Q: What is a portable industrial air conditioner?

A: First of all, industrial air-conditioning is not a cooler, no water, using the same air-conditioning and cooling principle, resulting in a temperature difference of 10-15 ℃ air-conditioning, rather than with the humidity of the cold air. Second, the industrial air-conditioning is not a traditional air-conditioning, no installation, easy to move, plug that is used, can adapt to the following 45 ℃ temperature. Portable industrial air-conditioning is a compressor and heat exchanger system for the principle of heat exchange refrigeration for industrial and outdoor environment, mobile, integrated post-cooling equipment.

2, Q: mobile industrial air-conditioning and curtain air cooler What’s the difference?

A: ① water-cooled fan blowing out the wind has only 4 ℃ -5 ℃ temperature difference, no significant effect at high temperatures, cooling effect is poor, can not fundamentally solve the problem of high temperature heat stroke; and industrial mobile air conditioner blowing out is a 10 ℃ -15 ℃ Celsius temperature difference of air-conditioning wind, the summer operation can play a very good cooling effect

② water cooling fan with humidification effect, in some places, especially machinery, cabinet electronic control part of the cooling can not be used. At the same time the increase in humidity will breed bacteria in the environment, harm the human body.

③ The use of water-cooled fan in addition to the normal power consumption also need to meet the water, the use of higher costs, and the use of curtain-type cooler with the need to install the project, the initial investment cost is not low.

3, Q: industrial mobile air conditioners can be used in the number of area?

A: Industrial mobile air-conditioning is different from ordinary household air-conditioning, it is used in open space, the point of cooling equipment, can not be carried out within the overall cooling cycle, it is impossible to estimate the area. General industrial mobile air conditioner is in accordance with the number of jobs or need to point the number of regional cooling the layout of the procurement.

4, Q: industrial mobile air conditioners and general mobile home What is the difference?

A: ① appearance of the use of sheet metal production, more durable, more able to withstand the industrial environment, greasy, dust erosion.

② can adapt to the following 45 ℃ high temperature environment, the general household mobile air conditioning will stop working at 35 ℃.

③ The outlet is flexible hose, according to the use of the environment to adjust the outlet length and angle.

④ The overall filter and panel detachable, more convenient for the latter part of the machine for cleaning and maintenance.

5, Q: air conditioners in use for some time, the frost on the evaporator phenomenon, what causes?

A: The frost phenomenon there are two main reasons: First, the cold wind is not smooth. The use of cold air extension pipe length should not exceed three meters, to avoid the right-angle bend, or to reduce the diameter of the cold air duct, or plug the outlet, or cold air delivered to the internal equipment, equipment, internal volume is relatively small, the state of the output Cold air piled up in the outlet, not to transport out of the evaporator caused by frost; Second, the machine in which the ambient temperature is low. Normal working environment of the machine temperature of 18 ℃ -45 ℃, below 18 ℃ when the machine is prone to frost on the evaporator.

6, Q: air conditioners in use for some time, the air volume becomes smaller, what causes?

A: The main reason for the small amount of air out of the machine into the air volume is smaller, you can check whether the inlet air obstruction, whether the dirty air filter into the filter, the device is dirty or rewinding block, to exclude the above situation; Whether there is failure, the motor speed and the introduction of air flow becomes smaller.

7, Q: air-conditioning leak phenomenon is how the cause?

A: The phenomenon of leakage of air-conditioners can check the storage bucket placed in place; check the water pipe drainage is smooth; check the stagnant water disc is dirty or cracked, the above reasons will be compared with the water leakage phenomenon; models without water barrels water leakage phenomenon There may be caused by condensation on sheet metal pieces.

8, Q: How to clean the heat exchanger?

A: The heat exchanger on the dirty plug should be promptly cleaned. You can use high-pressure gas or water along the direction of the heat exchanger aluminum foil blowing, especially greasy when you can use soapy water brush down the brush up and down aluminum, must not be horizontal brush, or aluminum will affect the cold and heat exchange lodging


9, Q: out of the wind pipe condensation phenomenon is what causes?

A: The air conditioner is not smooth air flow, cold air accumulation in the outlet, the cold duct will appear condensation phenomenon


10, Q: Can air-conditioners use circulating air?

A: The machine with exhaust air duct can be extended to the outdoor heat pipe (Note: to extend the exhaust duct no more than 3 meters, to avoid bending at right angles to ensure that the row of hot air flow), the machine inlet and outlet in the same space; There are separate access to the air duct models can be put in and out of the air duct placed in the same space cycle cooling.

11, Q: The use of extended air-conditioning power cord should pay attention to what?

A: Please use the extension cord to operate the professional electrician, refer to the instructions on the power cord connection requirements, the correct choice of power cord length and diameter.

12, Q: three-phase air-conditioning wiring precautions which?

A: The three-phase air-conditioning wiring professional electrical operation, the power cord connected to the specified terminal, the power cord length and diameter in accordance with the instructions on the request.

13, Q: three-phase air-conditioning does not start after boot, or boot will automatically shut down what is the reason?

A: After the boot does not start, you can check the power supply is correct, wiring is reliable, the phase is correct, you can view the fault indicator on the control panel fault display, see the manual fault code table. Automatic shutdown after starting the machine may be the environment where the temperature is too high or the condenser fouling serious, there are in part due to refrigerant leakage or compressor damage caused.

14, Q: Can the machine remote control?

A: As long as the extension of the lead can be, pay attention to the connection of the lead wire is reliable, extend the length of the wire lead wire matching.

15, Q: What are the requirements for the use of ambient air?

A: The ambient temperature of the air conditioner is 18 ℃ -45 ℃. Below 18 ℃ when the air-conditioners prone to frost on the frozen phenomenon, higher than 45 ℃ when the compressor will reproduce overheating protection.

16, Q: air-conditioning is not cooling is how?

A: The first check is not cooling the power supply is correct and stable; Use the extension cord to see the length of the power cord and diameter match; Whether the damage, the machine inside the connection is solid and reliable, and finally check the compressor temperature protection device is damaged or the compressor is damaged.

17, Q: What should I pay attention to when placing an air conditioner and storing it?

A: The air-conditioners should be placed in a flat place, prohibited on the slope, uneven floor, housing entrance places, can not be placed in places with wet snow, can not be placed in a volatile, thinner, gasoline, kerosene , Liquefied petroleum gas and other volatile liquid gases, aluminum, magnesium, lead dust and other places. Air conditioners should be poured out of water storage, such as storage barrels stored dry; can not be placed in the air conditioner or inverted preservation; can not be in high humidity, direct sunlight, splashing rain storage.

18, Q: What is the use of extended duct attention to the problem?

A: In the use of extended hot and cold air duct, please do not exceed 3 meters, to avoid right-angled, to ensure that the wind flow.

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