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how does a portable air conditioner start to clean ifself

The official pointed out, from the 2006 high-cost air-cooled module machine to begin exporting Iran, Algeria, in recent years, to provide intelligence for the Middle East, energy-saving Super match, magnetic levitation products, the portable air conditioner has been carried out in full and with the local user effective interaction, and ultimately meet customer needs.

The portable air conditioner with self-cleaning: Indoor “anti-haze” start from the source
After the first two days of heavy fog and haze days after respiratory health problems became an instant circle of friends, micro-channel, microblogging and other social networking platform hot topic, this must-fog and haze filled overnight spread all kinds of comics media network, though it is a spoof of the move, but the air is pervasive, out of anti-haze, indoor pollution still can not be ignored.

In addition to purifying filter healthy indoor breathing contaminated air outside the control of pollution prevent “secondary pollution” is the full realization of indoor air purification fundamental. For portable air conditioner, refrigeration and heat apparently simply can not meet the needs of consumers seeking a healthy life.

Portable air conditioner is in everyday use, like portable air conditioner filters, “lungs”, large dust through the “lungs” unit will stop here, as the long-term accumulation of stubborn dirt easily. While the smaller dust tends to pass through the filter to reach the portable air conditioner heat exchanger is the “heart” position, the internal moisture sealed, the “heart” easy to breed bacteria and fungi, unhealthy “cardio” is not only leads to poor portable air conditioner and refrigeration cooling efficiency , but also the presence of the virus cross infection of bacteria of the crisis, the indoor air will face “secondary pollution”, so that the indoor environment hazards like “time bomb” threatening the health of the user’s life.

Recently, portable air conditioner sales staff when Master Liu is a free citizen to do cleaning and opened a seven-year use tank portable air conditioner, musty nostrils, filters have all been covered with dirt, about 5 mm dust shocking, and split down the portable air conditioner heat exchangers, nearly half of the area into a moldy green, before blowing out air quality concern.

portable heater and air conditioner

Master Liu said, according to the provisions of portable air conditioner should be cleaned at least once a year. Can reality is that most consumers buy air five or six years had never been cleaned, resulting in unhealthy portable air conditioner blowing wind. Modern man most of the time is spent indoors, and now frequent fog and haze days, residents will be more opportunities to reduce travel, use of portable air conditioner when the unwashed, many bacteria will spread into the air, and indoor air of harmful substances can not be closed timely evacuation of air bacteria content increased, especially for the elderly and immunocompromised children particularly affected.

However, air cleaning is not an easy task, requiring specialized maintenance staff came to clean, and general portable air conditioner can enjoy free service up to no more than two or three years, for regular cleaning will need to spend an additional service fee. It a problem for air cleaning findings showed that only two adults willing to pay cleaning portable air conditioner. Some “conscious” annual household cleaning portable air conditioner will work, but most of the people still remain in the air cleaning filter levels.

The portable air-conditioned self-cleaning from solving user pain point of departure for product innovation to help users solve the problem of access to health and consumer use. It developed a new air-conditioning is the first to achieve self-cleaning portable air conditioners products in refrigeration, heating dual mode, based on the realization of indoor air purification, from fundamental solution to the air-conditioned interior cleaning and indoor air secondary pollution problem , open air “self-cleaning” era. Self-cleaning portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner can in refrigeration, heat will be able to bathe themselves, to provide consumers with a healthy warm by hiding in heavy fog and haze days.

Make the cleaning process more convenient product features, portable air-conditioned self-cleaning since the birth of widespread concern in the market. Comes with cleaning function is to help users to remove cleaning costs, avoid secondary or even several times after services expenditure to buy products, so that the use of portable air conditioner has become more worry, more easy and more healthy. It is reported that It is self-cleaning portable air conditioner through the original cold expansion technology allows the condensed water heat exchanger under frosting, easy peel dirt on the heat exchanger, thus achieving self-cleaning effect.

Left extension magpie PRC, general manager of market research firm Brand Center said that with the rapid penetration of the Internet and electricity suppliers in the appliance industry, particularly under the influence of macro-economic “new normal”, the user needs to become a key factor in the tight encirclement . Especially this year’s portable air conditioner market high inventory, low-growth industry is set off a cheap war, self-cleaning portable air conditioner around user demand for product innovation to achieve low-cost low-quality competition will fundamentally break through. With the portable air conditioner consumption become healthy new trend of high-end, healthy, intelligent portable air conditioner market development will bring more room for growth, while its user demand-oriented scientific and technological innovation will become the portable air conditioner industry is another benchmark.

Even more gratifying is that, in August 2015, announced by the China Association for Standardization H it led the development of “self-cleaning portable air conditioner General requirements” as the industry standard formally promulgated, marking the Chinese entered the portable air-conditioned health “self-cleaning” of the new era.

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