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Haier portable air conditioner two by the National Science and Technology Progress Award 31 years “paranoid” insisted

Haier portable air conditioner in the Great Hall of the second to get the National Science and Technology Progress Award. National Science and Technology Progress Award, the State Council set up science and technology awards, Haier portable air conditioner is the field of home appliances this year, the winner.

In 1998, Haier portable air conditioner first proposed frequency conversion technology, and by virtue of “frequency of a multi-technology” applications become the first home appliance industry to obtain the award of the brand. This time, because “air conditioner comfort intelligent control technology research and industrialization” once again winning, Haier portable air conditioner by what?

Low-key to do research for 31 years, so that the Chinese people more comfortable

In 1970, at the age of 36, the Danish – P. Ole Fanger, welcomed the glorious moment in his academic career. Based on the data of 1396 subjects, he presented the PMV indicator of human thermal comfort, Of the international common standards. At this point he may not have thought that 40 years later, his theory in China, nearly 8000 km outside the emergence of “acclimatized.” As the 1396 subjects are healthy young Americans and European students, the constitution with the Chinese people not only the slightest difference. Coupled with climatic conditions, gender, age and other factors, mechanically applied this standard is clearly inappropriate. Haier portable air conditioner R & D staff keenly discovered this point, from 1985 to produce the first split portable air conditioner began to focus on user needs continue to change in the functional level for the user to create a comfortable space environment. 31 years to do low-key research, Haier portable air conditioner by virtue of the body for the Chinese body to create intelligent comfort control technology won the national award.

PMV technology, for example, in 2010, the focus of portable air conditioner business is still on the basic functions of refrigeration and heating, human thermal comfort area is still blank, even at the time of the Chinese Institute of Standardization ergonomic research, only concerned about the car , Clothing and other fields of height, shoulder width and other physiological data. Haier portable air conditioner can only feel the stones across the river, which lasted 5 years, from different regions, gender, age groups collected 28,600 people in the data, access to valuable user data. Moreover, the human body thermal comfort in addition to light, temperature and humidity, wind speed and other environmental factors, the human skin temperature, mental state changes will also have an impact. As a result, the technology has also spanned 16 subjects, including thermodynamics, environmental science, ergonomics, physiology, and materials mechanics, to enhance the user experience. Haier portable air conditioner has overcome a long time, interdisciplinary, no ready-made model and other difficulties, and finally in 2012 the industry developed for the Chinese people’s physical PMV human thermal comfort technology to solve the individual comfort needs of differentiated problems.

Enhance market connotation, technology change life

In fact, nearly 10 years, the home appliance industry has completed a high premium period, into the era of low-profit, portable air conditioner industry is also the case. On the one hand, the homogenization of portable air conditioner products serious, highly competitive, price war staged every day; the other hand, the “buyer market” era, gave birth to an increasingly personalized, high-end user demand structure upgrades. This means that in order to jump out of the vicious competition, can not hope to optimize the industrial chain to save resources to reduce costs, but must be through technology research and development and innovation to continue to give more attributes and content of home appliances, and thus promote the consumer Lifestyle changes.

In the previous long course of development, portable air conditioner has only a single property of heating and cooling, at the expense of the comfort of the user in exchange for the comfort of space environment. Now, with the technological level of progress and increased awareness of consumer autonomy, the official experience of the arrival of the economic era, the user demand for portable air conditioner to upgrade from the instrumental needs to enjoy the type of demand. From 1993, the birth of the first inverter air conditioner, to launch the first Internet of things in 2010 portable air conditioner, and then released in 2015 the first self-cleaning portable air conditioner, innovation in the past 31 years 56 iteration, Haier air-conditioned tread of each of the times beat , From the energy, intelligence, health and other dimensions for users to build all-round, three-dimensional air service platform. It can be said that Haier portable air conditioner to provide users with no longer simply a solution to the air, but a kind of advancing with the times, high-quality lifestyle.

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Ecological nurturing the market, the user volume of sales realized

In the traditional business model, most companies follow the concept of advanced research and development through innovative technologies and products to create new consumer hot spots, cultivate new consumer market. With the advent of the Internet era, more and more diverse user needs, information increasingly transparent and open, the user experience to measure the advanced technology and product standards. Therefore, enterprises should transform the platform and ecosphere from the standard-setters, the front-end to undertake the needs of users, the back-end parallel global quality resources, allowing users to participate in the whole process of product development, design, production, distribution and service links, Become active participants.

For Haier portable air conditioner, this subversive innovation is to implement the implementation of the smart manufacturing, Internet factories, intelligent services and other components of the all-intelligent portable air conditioner layout, build an open intelligent air ecosphere. This ecological re-feeding market, the new path has also accelerated the value of the rate of realization of the user’s reputation and market share of the upgrade, the interpretation of the “user volume that is sales.” According to statistics, Haier intelligent air conditioner market sales accounted for 68.57%, to advantage in the first place, more than the second and third and. In the year 2015, intelligent portable air conditioner inventory, Haier portable air conditioner market share is still firmly occupy more than 6 percent, the National Science and Technology Progress Award is the role of its industry awards.

In addition to two consecutive years of good sales, the Haier smart portable air conditioner is also exported to the EU, Japan, Russia, Pakistan, more than 100 countries. With the Emperor of portable air conditioner exports to France, Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, Myanmar, Uzbekistan and other Eurasian six countries, Haier also opened the high-end portable air conditioner market into the overseas curtain. It can be said that Haier portable air conditioner has been recognized by users worldwide, as a global brand, is the release of more and more influence.

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