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portable air conditioner in the Middle East’s first exhibition on the first day eligible Order 5600 sets of light electronics industry

November 23, 2015, www.portableairconditionerac.com, the company’s portable air conditioner was in Middle East debut in Dubai five industries exhibition (BIG5), show the first day of the harvest 5600 set light electronics industry orders. This is the second 108 sets of high-end residential Iran, Isfahan International Exhibition Center large-scale projects, its portable air conditioner again won the largest single market in the Middle East.

BIG5 initiated in 1980, it is the Middle East’s most influential, the most large-scale construction, building materials and related services exhibition, with this platform, the company with its portable air conditioner for the first time participate in the show, and countries in the Middle East buyers face to face contact. Show began shortly after the birth of this portable air conditioner on the first order, signing up to 5600 sets of light electronics industry products. And more merchants in the Middle East at the show site and portable air conditioner of the ongoing negotiations, the three-day exhibition will have more time signing outcome appears.

Rely on the rich oil resources in recent years, the Middle East economy is developing rapidly, driven by the growing prosperity of the construction industry, the number of construction projects continues to grow. And building internal support for users portable air conditioner demand, but also from the early years into a single cost-effective and energy-cost-oriented, multi-demand-oriented combination of comfort. Such a shift from this BIG5 exhibition can see reflected.

New orders signed, including in the light electronics industry sector in energy efficiency, comfort known Super match products. “We are increasingly concerned about whether the product is user-green and the ability to bring the most comfortable air experience.” An Arab local buyers said ceportable air conditioner, Super match high-end residential solution will be popular in the Middle East. ” as in the European market.”

Further, according to the characteristics of the climate in the Middle East, portable air conditioner and central air conditioner both also launched a show on MRV IV T3 working conditions and more online. The so-called T3 working conditions, namely the Middle East to adapt to hot weather of portable air conditioner products, tailored for the Middle East users. The product is a single module 20HP, the maximum combined module 60HP, energy efficient at the same time a very small footprint. This will address the limited construction projects and foreign machine installation space problems.

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For the first day of 5600 sets of light electronics industry orders eligible excellent performance, It portable air conditioner-related official said, in addition to their professional products, energy saving, which has portable air conditioner overseas strategy are inseparable. “the company’s portable air conditioner for the different geographical regions worldwide, user preferences, market product standards introduce different products to achieve seamless docking with the needs of the product.”

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