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portable air conditioner stocks for the first time in three years down to 30 million units

After three years of downturn, high portable air conditioner industry, the stock is gradually dispersed haze. According to the latest data released by Ovidon net recently, as of the end of June 2016, portable air conditioner inventory has dropped to 30 million units below the portable air conditioner industry to achieve a reasonable level of inventory.

By the domestic economic restructuring and weak domestic and international consumer demand, since 2013, China’s economic downward pressure on large, especially in the face of “to production capacity” pressure, 2015 cold years (September 2014 – August 2015), the entire portable air conditioner The market is in the doldrums. Although Gree, Midea, Chigo and other leading enterprises to take the lead in frequent introduction of a large number of price promotions, but still can not change the downturn in the portable air conditioner industry by 2015, the end of the cold year, the industry stock as high as 40 million units.

portable air conditioner stocks for the first time in three years down to 30 million units

Data released by the State Information Center also showed that cold-year portable air conditioner market sales in 2015 fell 5.4 percent year on year, while sales fell a higher rate of 10.5%.

Although the macroeconomic is still not optimistic about 2016, but the portable air conditioner industry has shown signs of cooling only to pick up, Ovid Cloud data show that 2016 is expected to reach 46.69 million cold-year sales of portable air conditioner, an increase of 4.7%; sales of 154.3 billion Yuan, an increase of 2.1%.

The industry rebounded on the one hand thanks to the rapid growth of online channels, the data show that in the 2016 cold years, online channel sales maintained nearly 60% growth, led to the overall market to achieve a small increase. On the other hand, but also with the portable air conditioner manufacturers of intelligent, high-end transformation strategy to promote the continuous promotion.

electric portable air conditioner

Data show that 2016 cold years, smart portable air conditioner in the sales, sales on the penetration rate of 16.1% and 20.2%, compared with 2015 cold weather year-on-year rose 8.1% and 9.7%. Enterprises, the high portable air conditioner since 2012 began smart portable air conditioner layout, and the end of 2014 announced a high-end, intelligent transformation strategy. With intelligent innovation, Pescod in recent years in the market Yijuntuqi, has also won the innovative products and innovative technology two awards. Just in the beginning of July, Chigo is an energy-efficient frequency-based products, high-quality products and services to force the portable air conditioner industry started a season ending war.

For the future development of portable air conditioner industry, China Household Electrical Appliances Association, vice chairman of Xu Dongsheng also believes that the portable air conditioner industry experienced a cold in 2015 after the price war, the need to have a transition from the price war to the value of the process, the cold market in 2016 relatively stable development , Especially since March the industry as a whole since the average price rebound, it is proved that the transition has achieved initial results. The future of China’s portable air conditioner industry will be in the process of intelligent products, complete the industry from low-end to high-end transformation.

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