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4 tips for more energy efficient industrial portable air conditioner and save money

1. portable air conditioner transferred to the appropriate degree, comfortable can, do not over. Some people have done the relevant calculations, portable air conditioner temperature for each one to two degrees lower, power consumption will increase 10% or more. In the summer, many people in order to pursue a stimulus, portable air conditioner specifically transferred to 25 degrees or lower, in fact, no need, especially at night, transferred to low temperature, then blanket to sleep, purely a waste. In general, industrial portable air conditioner temperature can be maintained at 27 or 28 degrees, so that both to maintain basic comfort, there will not increase too much power consumption.

2. Try not to industrial portable air conditioner at night, especially high-rise buildings. In the city, the night, the outdoor temperature is still relatively cool and comfortable, especially high-rise buildings, as long as the open windows, you can enjoy more comfortable cool rustic wind, do not open portable air conditioner, so more natural, more conducive to health. In the windy weather, be sure to take full advantage of this natural resources, so not only save money, but also environmental protection, and better health. In the evening, only need to open the windows, you can enjoy a better cooler air than the practical use of more.

3. Buy energy-saving industrial portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner in advance to do maintenance and cleaning. If the new installation or replacement of industrial portable air conditioner equipment, natural to buy energy-saving industrial portable air conditioner, because the use of energy-saving materials and technology, natural power more efficient, although the price will be a little bit expensive, but in the long run is cost-effective More in line with environmental requirements. If the old industrial portable air conditioner, in the summer approaching, be sure to ask professionals to conduct a simple maintenance and cleaning, especially in the warranty period, then, can not spend tens of dollars or hundred dollars, but after maintenance, portable air conditioner better , And can eliminate what security risks.

4. Master the portable air conditioner switch time, do not open portable air conditioner for a long time. portable air conditioner is an effective regulation of the room temperature, so not to say that the portable air conditioner suddenly can raise or lower the temperature, but should have a skill. For example, if you want to go out after half an hour, then you can go out in front of half an hour to turn off the portable air conditioner, indoor temperature can still maintain a period of comfort. At night, people sleep, the temperature will gradually reduce, so you can also take the time to open portable air conditioner, sleep, let the portable air conditioner itself off, it will not affect the rest. In summer, portable air conditioner can make life more comfortable, more beautiful, but must be based on the characteristics of portable air conditioner to use, so you can achieve energy saving, environmental protection and save money in the three goals.

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