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Haier portable air conditioner: intelligent service healthy breathing

December 24, Haier portable air conditioner to “smart services for healthy breathing” as the theme of intelligent service standards and air health service plan conference. At the meeting, Haier air-conditioning industry-leading intelligent service standards and the implementation of the first floor, redefine the “Internet +” era of new services, intelligent content, and officially announced the launch of the “dust collection”, through more active and more effective intelligent services Change the public breathing environment, the implementation of the concept of healthy breathing to the public life.

“At present, the intelligent portable air conditioner market is showing rapid growth, intelligent new product launch speed gradually accelerated.” National Information Center, Cai Ying, deputy director of information resources development, but the current home appliance service is still in the machine as the center to send equipment, Maintenance and other service content, it has been difficult to keep up with the era of intelligent home appliances active insight into user needs, to create personalized solutions for the development of the air industry is also true. Haier portable air conditioner pioneered the “dust collection action” for the smart home appliance industry, a good start to change services.

“Dust collection action” is the essence of the use of intelligent services, allowing users to breathe. Haier portable air conditioner related person in charge, the “dust collection action” is against the current increasingly serious haze environment, combined with the Haier air quality map of the operation of intelligent service practice, the course of action will be collected to the indoor portable air conditioner dust Components and user habits of data analysis, and as a reference to write intelligent service standards. The event is intended to appeal to the public attention to indoor air quality, so that Haier portable air conditioner advocated by the concept of healthy breathing deeply rooted.

Combined with the “dust collection action”, Haier portable air conditioner has also promoted the first home appliance industry intelligent service standards development and implementation of the floor, “Internet +” era of new services to redefine the meaning of that, based on Haier good air open platform, Internet and artificial intelligence, automatic identification of users from purchase to replacement of the entire process experience in the dominant and potential demand, to create active, efficient, green, personalized value-added services. Zhao Bin, director of the China Association for Standardization said: Haier portable air conditioner intelligent service content completely subversion of home appliances service awareness, from the home appliance service to human services, is expected to improve the level of home appliances, better and more quickly to meet the user experience.

Recalling the appliance service industry all the way to change, Haier from 1994 innovation “no mobile services” so far, more than 20 years to continue to upgrade the service. The Haier re-definition of the connotation of intelligent services, to create an open ecosystem and the full life-cycle value-added services to the home appliance industry services once again brought about subversive changes. It is reported that the start of Haier air-conditioning “dust-collecting operations” in the next year covering 10,000 residential areas. I believe that with the “dust collection” to carry out, there will be more people really feel the real home appliance intelligent service experience, so that the early popularization of healthy breathing.

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