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what haier portable air conditioner brings to a new mom?

September 12, the country’s first month mother health club was established in Shanghai to carry out care for new mother health action. In the month mother health club launch ceremony, the organizers of the site for the confinement of maternal confinement Haier days bottles, platinum platinum portable air conditioner, completely solve the traditional confinement of the air environment problems, to provide maternal comfort clean and healthy air.

portable air conditioner window kit

Health care appliances cover their children on the pain.

For a long time, confinement has been a traditional Chinese maternal nightmare. News reports, Shanghai, a maternal day because of dog days, unfortunately, heat stroke death. China Women’s Development Foundation White Angel Fund related person in charge said that to cover the confinement on behalf of the confinement of the “old law” has become bad habits, on the one hand because now living standards improve, there is no longer need to let maternal blindly “cover “, More importantly, cover the child led to high temperature intolerable, air pollution, is not conducive to the growth of newborns and maternal health.

Obstetrics and gynecology experts said that, in fact, maternal confinement, mainly to restore physical fitness, health and comfort of the air environment is more important. The face of many pregnant mothers on the “can not blow portable air conditioner,” the question, experts answer: portable air conditioner does help regulate room temperature, create a better air environment. But now want to completely correct the mop-month misunderstanding, not only requires people to change their minds, but also need to create specifically for maternal and technological innovation to upgrade.

Moon child end of air-conditioning cover their nightmare

The health initiative is the most important initiatives concerned about the maternal needs, launched the “portable air conditioner month.” According to Haier air-conditioning engineers, the maternal recommendation of the “sub-month air-conditioning” mainly include Haier days bottles, platinum platinum portable air conditioner, wind tunnel mixing them using patented technology, in the outlet to achieve air and indoor air mix to enhance portable air conditioner outlet temperature 10 ℃, healthy even cold and not cold, is designed for maternal build “month portable air conditioner”, do not worry about the wind temperature is too low for maternal cold. In addition, days bottles, platinum days, there are efficient portable air conditioner in addition to PM2.5, in addition to formaldehyde, creating a good fresh air, from the comfort of air and air purification capacity to give a comprehensive maternal and neonatal clean breathing.

“The new mother care and public welfare action is not limited to this event, the future will continue to advance in the country.” Haier relevant person in charge of portable air conditioner, said. As an interactive platform with the maternal groups, month mother health club will also be included in Haier “smart air ecosphere” an important part, so that pregnant women can communicate product demands at any time, personally involved in maternal and child portable air conditioner products iterative research and development.

Industry observers pointed out that Haier’s launch of the month portable air conditioner, showing the large enterprises in caring mother and child groups to do the effort. portable air conditioner industry for personalized needs to create another subdivision category, marking the Haier wisdom of the air ecosystem in the gradual formation of maternal and newborn new ecological user base, in order to better serve the maternal and newborn groups. More users to understand the sub-sub-pain points to the mother of a month more than a healthy choice, it is a large enterprise responsibility and play.

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