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portable air conditioner welcomes the modern portable appliances era

Some one ever was reported on the news:”till today, I want to express the grateful thanks to the two men in my life, one is named Willis Carrier, born November 26, 1876, the Americans, who invented air codnitioner; Another called Hou Yi, who shot the nine of the ten suns hundreds of thousands of years ago.

There is also a special thanks to, that is, China Mobile. If you can, I want to be able at the end of the day in a hurry, we can gently pat clothes, shaking off the dust from the steel jungle of the city, and return to the hearts of the “summer Resort. “That place, quietly across the stone bridge in front of the river, distant people in twos and threes, scattered situated in the cove at home with watermelon, music, air conditioning, as well as China Mobile traffic and broadband. it is said that this is the best thing in the hot summer we can think of.We may be influenced or attarcted by the portable air conditioner rental home depot because of its cheap price or nice design, or we are lured by its superior quality and excellent branding.Anyway, no matter for what choices, you have the options for anything you need.

Due to the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the increasing popularity of home appliances facilities, we do not have to make at home will be able to “anytime” to enjoy a comfortable life in the workplace or in public places, we are always able to drink a cup of hot water, blowing cold air , watching television. At the same time, the busy work day let us have a “go out” of the idea, camping, Camping hiking, orienteering …… suffered reinforced concrete around the city, smog, car exhaust destruction, outdoor recreation allows us to relax. Then a cool proposition will be born, “at any time” + “out” concept you thought about it? Let us close to nature at the same time, the longitudinal enjoy a comfortable modern life, which is of outdoor appliances, and this idea is practice.

Are the home appliances coming into outdoor like the portable air coonditioner and mobile refrigerators?

Away from the city’s outdoor life

It is generally the concept of mobile portable appliances and outdoor appliances between the two is blurred, in fact, the difference between them is still very large. The primary issue to be resolved is the outdoor appliances exists no AC, had to rely on external power supply, usually a battery. The mobile portable consumer electronics devices is often not leave AC only have an advantage in the portable removable, fit into small spaces, small number, or place of residence changed frequently mobile population, there is a portable mobile appliances can be said mostly for convenience. But now commercially available car inverter can solve this problem, it can be converted into a vehicle power supply 12V 220V, so that some of the normal everyday appliances can be used outdoors, of course, the premise is you have to drive to go outdoors, and a car in the end can ensure appliances support long, then it depends on different peoples’ ideas and wisdom on how to see it.

Often it is concerned that many consumers and friends who travel around in the sears portable air conditionerwebsite will find it is not difficult to find in recent years, crowdfunding project outdoor appliances is getting more and more. Outdoor refrigerator, portable air conditioners, and some outdoor small appliances have become the darling on the website. Function from the demand, which is the everlasting truth! But some consumers are not aware of the requirement may, walking in front of the demand function, perhaps a revolution is to change people’s traditional demands. Like former mp3, netbooks, and now iphone, Tablet PC, or even social software Twitter, Facebook and so on. Outdoor appliances are on this road to discovery, whether people or need these products, the data may crowdfunding website gives us the answer. Not long ago, there is a portable outdoor refrigerator, now $ 7.4 million fund-raising, is nearly 150 times its $ 50,000 target amount. Also an outdoor portable air conditioner, it has been successfully listed, priced at $ 279, all goes well, we will begin shipping in August this year. There is also a small product, The Hug outdoor sensor on the glass, now also in the congregation to raise their production phase. Like Steve Jobs recalls his childhood as if he did not see the real presence of carbon crystal microphone, he always believed his father would say, is not take no amplifier loudspeakers. Outdoor appliances is perhaps the carbon crystal microphone.

We simply go to the fate of outdoor appliances to make a prediction, it is clearly not fair, because it takes time to prove slowly, regardless of the future development of outdoor appliances good or bad, it gives us life philosophy is right , close to nature does not mean you will lose in the present civilization gives us a comfortable life, when we enjoy the gift of nature, but also allows integration with science and technology.

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