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Global brand section: Haier smart self-cleaning portable air conditioner cooler sales doubled

March is the first year of the appliance market sales peak, since the March 5 Haier Global Brand Festival activities since the start, Haier intelligent portable air conditioner cooler with the advantages of intelligent health, sales continued to rise, which star product intelligent self-cleaning series is not To two weeks, sales doubled, only 1 customer in Zhengzhou 1 day to sell more than 8,100 sets, creating a miracle in sales.

In Zhengzhou, Henan Province, consumers in the one-time purchase of five sets of Haier smart self-cleaning portable air conditioner cooler. “I am a new home decoration, usually pay more attention to health. Saw the store where the dirty heat exchanger, even after three years of use so dirty, it blows out the air clean? We hope to buy a healthy portable air conditioner cooler “. Direct salesman to Mr. Haier introduced self-cleaning portable air conditioner cooler, it is not only intelligent, but also to their own bath, to prevent indoor air pollution, the use of heat exchangers is still clean as 10 years. Self-cleaning portable air conditioner cooler impressed him with practical health and smart applications.

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Brand festival, like Mr., like a person to buy more than one Haier smart air condition is very common. It is understood that the Haier Global Brand Festival is different from the price war in the past big price promotions, it provides users with high energy consumption, function obsolete zombie portable air conditioner cooler, but just in the 2016AWE intelligent display of new products, not only support online customization , The Internet factory production live, but also provide sleep, pregnancy and other 8 scenes of intelligent services, from design, production links to the final logistics, services, users can participate in the whole, it is this return to the user needs and experience the sincere marketing to attract A large number of consumers flocked to buy.

Haier smart portable air conditioner cooler in good faith not only reflected in the product, at the event, it is also more than 100 brands of cross-border marketing. In Henan Anyang, Haier joint steel mills, Teachers College, Fertilizer Plant, Construction Bank, TV stations, and so on more than 20 home enterprises and institutions to carry out the marketing industry, but also with the Guangzhou Liang home, Changsha Mingjiang decoration design company cross-border cooperation, Designers for new home users custom smart health air solutions. In the service, Haier in the country to carry out “dust collection action” into the community free of charge for the user to do the depth of portable air conditioner cooler cleaning, the popularity of dirty portable air conditioner cooler knowledge. New purchase users can enjoy the “four free service”, three years of portable air conditioner cooler problems can be replaced free of charge new machine.

Global Brand Festival interpretation of the experience of economic times under the Haier “sincere to eternal” new connotation. Industry sources, the industry worry about digestion in 2015, 40 million air-conditioned inventory, the Haier smart portable air conditioner cooler with the global brand section sales miracle for the industry to point out the way: portable air conditioner cooler business only change the operational ideas, close to the user needs innovation to get rid of inventory problems , Which is the portable air conditioner cooler industry, the general trend of transformation and upgrading.

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