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Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner: to eliminate air color

Recently, Haier according to Qingdao seven districts five city 1838 family portable air conditioner dust color painted into a “family air chromatogram”, with light gray, gray, gray, black, yellow, brown portable air conditioner fouling representatives of Qingdao five typical family air color , The figure that has exposed the public to stimulate the sensitive nerve problems of respiratory health. At the same time, a can eliminate air color self-cleaning portable air conditioner also entered the public view, won the user and market reputation. Since April this year, since the clean portable air conditioner sales increased by 21% contrarian.

From the end of last year, Haier dust into the community for the user free cleaning portable air conditioner. Activities found that the last year, clean portable air conditioner less than 30% of the family, and some even ten years without washing, serious portable air conditioner internal fouling up to 5 mm thick, heat exchanger discoloration, the use of environmental differences caused by portable air conditioner dust color, Home air chromatogram “from this. These fouling with the portable air conditioner air, easily lead to the human body, especially pregnant women and other sensitive groups of children with respiratory diseases.

Helpless, the filter is easy to clean, clean the heat exchanger allows the general user powerless. The Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner with cold expansion, condensed water, sapphire blue coating, antibacterial four technology, through the condensed water frost generated when the huge expansion force stripping portable air conditioner heat exchanger dirt and pool a large number of condensate erosion, portable air conditioner and convenient Dust, to solve this problem. It is reported that Haier has launched, including days bottles, the new Dili bottles, Jin platinum, including a full range of self-cleaning portable air conditioner.

In the store, Haier demonstration of self-cleaning through the real portable air conditioner “bath” process, the elimination of indoor “colored air.” At the same time, Haier is also designed to put a glass of water within the machine without vibration of the mute demonstration, a coin does not fall outside the vibration demonstration and the windshield plug into a A4 paper tightness demonstration and other real machine operation, these images Demonstration and interaction for self-cleaning air-conditioners continue to gain market recognition. In Tangshan Department Store, Haier portable air conditioner to achieve contrarian growth, and, since the clean portable air conditioner accounted for more than 70%, the proportion of high-end test in the pre-test.
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