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Energy-saving environmental protection portable air conditioner contrast to the advantages of traditional portable air conditioner

First: energy efficient. Negative pressure ventilation is the use of fan and water curtain with the natural evaporation of water through the physical process, so as to achieve cooling effect, power consumption is only one-tenth of the traditional portable air conditioner.

Second: ventilation. Under the mutual cooperation of the whole system, the negative pressure air blower uses the characteristics of large air volume to quickly and effectively discharge the heat, gas and odor from the indoor workers and the machine, avoiding the irritation of the human body for a long time. The entire indoor air can be replaced within a minute the fastest time, which is generally other ventilation and cooling equipment can not achieve the results.

Third: improve work efficiency. To resolve the lack of hot and oxygen content of the decline in the attention of the workers. The use of water curtain cooling can not only solve the problem of hot plant is in the evaporation of water evaporation at the same time produce a negative ion oxygen, increase the oxygen content in the air to regulate emotions, relieve fatigue to improve work efficiency purposes.

Fourth: health and environmental protection. System uses water as refrigerant, manufacturing and use of the process of non-polluting the environment, in addition to reducing the air curtain of water humidity, but also have to clean up outside the air carrying dust and particles. Efficient cycle of fresh air, can effectively prevent occupational diseases and spread of disease transmission.

Fifth: strong applicability. Negative pressure ventilation cooling system wide applicability, regardless of crowded, heat source, or easy to produce pollution, poorly ventilated places, can play a significant effect. Such as textile workshop, garment workshop, injection workshop, hardware factory, shoe factory, electronics factory, etc., according to different environmental design corresponding system.

Energy saving and environmental protection portable air conditioner is to adapt to social development, and now advocate conservation of resources, low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving portable air conditioner gradually replace the traditional air conditioning is an inevitable trend.

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