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portable air conditioner tips

Simple cleaning portable air conditioner tutorial to prevent bacteria away from “portable air conditioner disease”

According to statistics, 88% of the total number of portable air conditioner heat sink bacteria exceeded. Long-term not only affect the cooling portable air conditioner, but also induced bronchial asthma and other diseases. So, portable air conditioner should be cleaned once? Daily household portable air conditioner how to clean? In fact, the cleaning process is very simple, do it yourself can easily get.

portable air conditioner tips

Home Wall Air Conditioner Cleaning Tutorial Simple 5 Steps

portable air conditioner cleaning In addition to portable air conditioner body shell, the most important thing is the cleaning of the machine, in which the filter, heat sink as the focus of cleaning parts. portable air conditioner shell can be used to add a little soap and detergent water and detergent, or specialized portable air conditioner machine cleaning fluid can be outside the air conditioner clean.

Cleaning machine inside the portable air conditioner is not complicated, take a look at the following simple five-step bar.

1. Turn off the power, and open the air conditioner cover.

2. Remove the two inside the filter. If the dust is not much, you can tap or dust with a vacuum cleaner.

3. If the dust is too much, rinse with water. Will be less gray side of the water, rinse, dry with a soft cloth or place the shade dry.

4. Remove the filter will expose the heat sink, the portable air conditioner cleaning agent discrete heat about 5cm, according to the upper and lower order of the integrated heat sink spray. About 15 minutes after spray washing can be installed on the filter.

5. After installing the filter can be combined with the top cover, running portable air conditioner and refrigeration program 15-30 minutes, the sewage will automatically discharge with the drain.

best energy efficient portable air conditioner

How many times a year to clean the best portable air conditioner?

portable air conditioner and more concentrated in the summer to use, so experienced a long winter to summer, portable air conditioner started to clean thoroughly before use. Frequent use of the month in the summer months as much as possible once a month, when the weather turns cool portable air conditioner suspended and then washed once. People can use their own circumstances, to clean up their own plans to ensure that indoor air fresh and healthy, healthy use of portable air conditioner.

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