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Haier portable air conditioner in the international market to become the mainstream choice of users

2016 In the first half of the year, affected by the continued sluggish international economic situation, the world’s major European, American and medium-sized home portable air conditioner market recovery is slow. Another group of industry data show that Haier portable air conditioner in overseas steady growth in the first half sales in the US market grew 20% in Europe increased by 30% in Australia, an increase of 79% in Russia, Southeast Asia and other places sales Have different degrees of climbing, while Haier portable air conditioner brand awareness rapid increase in the international market, the mainstream choice of users.

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US authoritative media, “Consumer Reports” magazine and The Sweethome website released by the evaluation shows that Haier portable air conditioner was rated “the most worth buying”, “the most recommended”, as the two brands in the evaluation of the Chinese brands. Intelligence is one of the reasons why US consumers choose Haier. Haier hand in the United States launched the first Weave certified intelligent portable air conditioner, intelligent home platform with Apple to develop a Homekit intelligent portable air conditioner, and successfully listed for sale, to achieve portable air conditioner voice control and remote control. In the outskirts of Melbourne, Orlando town, the United States users Tom bought eight sets of Haier new Flexfit series of intelligent portable air conditioner, so that each room and hall room temperature regulation more convenient.

Not only in the United States, Haier smart portable air conditioner has been the layout of the global market. Data show that in January-June 2016 Haier portable air conditioner in the Southeast Asian market grew 60%, far higher than the growth trend of the industry stable in Southeast Asia, the Chinese brand market first. In Europe, Haier portable air conditioner has more than 20 years of good reputation in the first half of this year sales increased by 30%. So far in the Malta area users Roberto’s home and a 1995 export to Europe Haier portable air conditioner in the normal work. Roberto said, “it and 20 years ago into my house when there is not much difference, whether it is appearance or cooling effect.”

In the vast Russian region, the air conditioner market has been declining for three consecutive years, and in 2015 suffered a 28.2% decline. portable air conditioner market in Eastern Europe in the doldrums of the case, the first quarter of 2016, Haier portable air conditioner sales increased by 21% in Europe, and the Russian market into the portable air conditioner sales chart top three, ranking the first Chinese local brands to achieve contrarian growth.

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In South Asia, Haier with health, intelligence and friendly advantages, has been ranked 10 consecutive years in Pakistan portable ac market. It is understood that Pakistan’s power shortage, voltage stability, and the hot summer long, harsh environment of the portable ac made a special request. Haier introduced Nebula series of portable air conditioner innovative technology to achieve high temperature and low pressure conditions in the normal start, while 20 meters long air supply distance, the cooling rate is 47% higher than ordinary portable air conditioner, cooling can be achieved rapidly, instant cooling effect, can The shortest possible time to meet the local users of the comfort needs of the temperature. In China, the introduction of innovative smart self-cleaning portable ac, for users to solve the problem of cleaning the internal heat exchanger, indoor air to prevent secondary pollution. Listed for 1 year, self-cleaning sales of 1 million sets, 160,000 yuan for users to save cleaning costs. In addition, Haier intelligent portable air conditioner accounted for more than 60% ranked first in the market at all levels to achieve a comprehensive. 2017 cold start the first 34 markets opened, accelerate the popularity of smart portable air conditioner.

In recent years, domestic appliance brands have to go out of the country, Haier as a domestic out of the home appliance business, and now has been selling the United States, the European Union, Japan, Russia, Pakistan and more than 100 countries and regions to become local users to buy portable air conditioner mainstream choice. Haier smart portable ac products since the export of overseas since 2013, sales doubled year after year growth in 2015 exports of smart portable ac 4 times year-on-year growth.

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