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In winter, the window system of portable air conditioner is ventilated

Indoor Mende panic? Air oxygen is not enough!

According to the National Indoor Air Quality Standard, about 30 cubic meters of fresh air per hour per person. In this way, in order to meet the general population breathing nearly 8 liters of oxygen per minute of healthy living requirements. In the winter, most of the windows at home only to stay in the gap, have to avoid blowing through the wind. As a result, the home air quality will naturally be significantly affected, especially the elderly and children to be a long time, prone to redness, chest tightness, head heat hot feeling, that is, we often say “hypoxia.”

Moreover, the home of the portable air conditioner with a long time, but also easy to dry mouth. As a result, many people choose a relatively practical energy-saving fresh air system. Some new flats have been installed in the construction of a fresh air system, and not pre-installed fresh air system owners, you need to re-install. Reporter visited the Fuson, Meikailong, actually home several major home stores and shops in Chengdu, home sales this winter, one of the products to warm the main plumbing heating system, the second is the fresh air ventilation system.

portable air conditioner no vent

Ground air supply more thorough ventilation

Reporters saw the market there is a ground air supply, the top of the wind out of the fresh air system. Traditional roof fan pipe above the set, you need to wear beam damage to the building structure, or sacrifice 10 cm ceiling space, a greater impact on the indoor level. The ground air needs to lay under the floor tiles 3 cm thick flat tube, the sacrifice of the height of the floor is much smaller.

At the same time, the ground air supply more uniform, easier to let fresh air flow to the height of our living space. Cheng Bai Xin IKEA professionals have played an image of this metaphor: from the cup to a cup full of orange juice poured into the water, half a cup of light, but the lower part of the orange juice or mainly from the bottom of the injection Water, orange juice will be more quickly flow away from the cup, the cup will be almost all of the water. Reporters standing on the ground air outlet to experience a bit, the human hand almost do not feel the fresh air of the cold, no discomfort to the user. Winter comes, there is a need for the people in accordance with the actual situation at home and choose the right home ventilation system, so that living room healthier.

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