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Analysis of Two Different Airflow Patterns in Natatorium Design of Portable air conditioner

1 Theoretical analysis

Shrouded airflow organization refers to the portable air conditioner treatment of the wind as the air flow requirements of the nozzle or slit up the air into the upper area, and then from the lower area of ​​the air return way. The advantage is stable air flow, temperature and humidity uniform, upper air drying, the disadvantage is the initial investment, high energy consumption, is not conducive to the exclusion of pollutants. Stratified airflow organization means that only the portable air conditioner treatment of the wind as the flow field requirements with louvers or slit gauges sent or sent to the lower area, and the upper region set exhaust fan to ensure that indoor negative pressure, While increasing the upper air disturbance, to prevent the formation of portable air conditioner dead zone portable air conditioner. The advantage is to save the initial investment, running energy consumption is low, is conducive to the elimination of pollutants, the disadvantage is uneven temperature and humidity, the upper air humid, such as local insulation is weak outer structure is easy to condensation.

2 Computational analysis

portable air conditioner no hose

Example 1: Beijing a swimming pool, swimming pool 50 meters long, 25 meters wide, 6 meters wide pool, swimming pool height of 10 meters, can undertake important domestic and international competitions. The south, east and west to the outer envelope structure, window and wall ratio of 30%, the roof of the metal roof, the use of long-fiber glass wool insulation, thickness 12cm, the rest for the interior wall.

It is known that the dry-bulb temperature tw = 33.2 ℃, the wet-bulb temperature ts = 26.4 ℃, the enthalpy iw = 81kJ / kg and the atmospheric pressure B = 998.6hPa = 749mmHg in the Beijing area.

Indoor design parameters for the tn = 28 ℃, relative humidity φ = 70%, dew point temperature tl = 22 ℃, the indoor density of 10m2 / person, fresh air volume of 50m3 / h · person, in order to eliminate harmful gases into the pool surface new Air volume 18m3 / h · m2, fresh air volume to take staff fresh air and eliminate the harmful gas pool fresh air volume of the two large, light installation power of 120kW.

As the enveloped airflow structure to bear the light load of all convective heat, so the portable air conditioner unit of the burden of air flow than stratified air organization 25%, coil cooling capacity will be 6.3%. This led directly to the duct size increases, unit size, the corresponding increase in room area, while the power consumption of portable air conditioner units also will increase. So the initial investment and future operating costs will increase, obviously not economic, not energy-saving.

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