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you understand to cool the Pigsty by portable air conditioner in hot summer?

Into the summer, the temperature generally increased across the country, which sows lying in bed capacity, is undoubtedly the most painful. Since the middle bed some distance from the ground, resulting in body temperature can not be exchanged with the ground, so when the summer we often see in sow production bed heat straight deep breaths. In hot weather, sow more prone to poor feeding, constipation, dystocia. So, this is the time to sow cool farm managers must work to be done.

Pigsty in summer to cool to note the following three principles:
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1. Temperature principle: When the temperature inside the barn reach 30 ℃, start the cooling system (wet curtain fan system, suction fan, portable air conditioner, etc.) begin to cool pig; discounted when the temperature reaches above 34 ℃, for sows (in particular empty pregnant sows, pregnant sows and lactating sows) while using the gap to drip method (cold water gap drops sows head and neck or snout) cooling. At the same time, for large pig fattening pig can also be cooled using the gap drip method. Remember not to use manual flush cooling, water pressure and prevent water shortage affect the supply of drinking water (except for special emergency situations).

2. Pressure principles: Once hot, windless weather, it is timely to start piggery cooling equipment. Including wet curtain fan systems, exhaust fan, suction fan, portable air conditioner.

3. Use cooling system principle: public pig can be wet curtain portable air conditioner and cooling collaboration. When the temperature reached 29 ℃ above, open cooling system, and to prevent the pigs near the portable air conditioner vent; In addition, to promptly remove manure, keep the room clean, but with the use of wet curtain and fan, and nitrogen purge discounted odor. Of particular note is the portable air conditioner temperature display temperature and barns often inconsistent, temperature records should be done every day, be sure to pig temperatures prevail.

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