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portable air conditioner industry is bid farewell to the production and marketing model

Portable air conditioner line in the market sales and sales were 31.25 million units and 106.3 billion yuan, an increase of 4.36% and 2.47% respectively.” This is the August 26 in Beijing held 2016-2017 portable air conditioner Industry Summit Forum , The State Information Center released 2016 cold portable air conditioner market data, the good news makes the portable air conditioner industry due to the amount of cold year 2015 cold down and diffuse the haze finally dispersed.

High temperature “baking” out of incremental intelligent environmental favor

In the country sponsored by the national grid, Jingdong appliance and Suning cloud business as the support of the current summit forum, companies have said that since the country began to appear in June from high temperatures, into the middle of July after entering the “barbecue” mode. High temperature “barbecue” portable air conditioner sales to bring positive factors. The sales volume of portable air conditioner in Northeast China, East China, South China, Central China, Northwest China and Southwest China all increased year-on-year. The sales volume of primary and secondary markets and 34 markets increased year on year, with the tertiary market and the secondary market growing significantly. Respectively 9.53% and 19.27%.

Data show that in June and July this year, sales of portable air conditioner were 5.28 million units and 582 million units, two months of sales and accounted for almost one-third of annual sales. Prior to this, from August last year to May this year, portable air conditioner sales data overall decline, it can be said, 6,7 month sales of portable air conditioner sales counter-attack is the key to achieving growth.

As early as the opening of the cold in 2016 the occasion, there are enterprises and third-party data agencies that the portable air conditioner industry saddled with more than 4,000 million sets of huge inventories, since 2016, several major portable air conditioner brand to take a sound and reasonable inventory strategy, On the stimulation of high temperature weather, industry stocks have been further digested.

2016 cold portable air conditioner companies focus on the introduction of high-end portable air conditioner products, in function, energy efficiency, design, and many have greatly improved and highlights. In particular, more than 6,000 yuan of portable air conditioner products this year, the proportion of the market by the cold year of 2015 10.46% to 15.45%. “High-end products to meet consumer demand for the pursuit of quality of life, while improving profitability of enterprises help.” China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said Xu Dongsheng, vice chairman.

Data show that the 2016 cold years, intelligent portable air conditioner sales and sales have achieved growth, the market share of 15.16% and 17.02%, respectively. Is expected in the United States, Haier and other mainstream portable air conditioner business under the guidance of the domestic market began to gradually heat up the smart air, portable air conditioner market, the proportion of total sales will accelerate. National Information Center, Deputy Director of Information Resources Cai Ying believes that the air conditioner has become the smart air conditioner after the domestic air conditioner industry has a new growth point.

2016 cold years of concern, there are R290 portable air conditioner market-oriented speed. At present, R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant is recognized as both ozone friendly and environmentally friendly environmentally friendly working fluid, and with the United Nations Industrial Organization, the United Nations Environment Program and other international organizations that become China’s implementation of the “Montreal Protocol on the Protection of the Ozone Layer “To speed up the elimination of the ozone layer and the climate has a dual role in the destruction of refrigerant R22 the best solution.

portable air conditioner industry is bid farewell to the production and marketing model

User – centric Forced industry model changes

Last year, the excess capacity of the portable air conditioner industry, high inventory constraints to the industry, which means that China’s portable air conditioner industry, the traditional Yahuo mode has come to an end, portable air conditioner companies need to actively adjust the model to more precise consumer demand positioning, Production, on-demand in different channels for different stocking. Haier portable air conditioner, for example, to explore the “zero inventory” model, the core is on-demand production to mass customization to meet the user’s effective supply. The United States nearly two years in the “double-chih” strategy, driven by the core business of portable air conditioner is also exploring changes in the model.

In terms of channels, portable air conditioner business platform for the electronic business precision, personalized marketing and more value. 2016 cold at the beginning of the year, the major portable air conditioner brands to the power of the layout of the channel to increase power, according to data provided by the PRC, 2016 cold years, online portable air conditioner sales reached 8.5 million units, sales of 20.9 billion, respectively, year on year growth 85.2% and 85.4%, respectively.

battery operated portable air conditioner

portable air conditioner business and large chain stores between the cooperation, but also toward the needs of users based on the direction of change. portable air conditioner companies and stores also strengthened the promotion of a single product, such as new models of the first episode, to a single product quickly pushed to the market.

The industry pointed out that the portable air conditioner industry is undergoing profound changes, began to abandon the past production and marketing model, to the needs of households by the production business model change, which will portable air conditioner industry healthy and orderly development, transformation and upgrading to open new opportunities

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