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Environmental portable air conditioner produced by the humidity harmful to the body do?

Often customers have such problems: the use of environmentally friendly portable air conditioner produced by the humidity is not great? Often blow the wind will not affect the health of the body? Is not very easy to suffer from rheumatism? So that with some new customers to introduce the work of the original environmental portable air conditioner, often let them talk about “wet” “color change, as if the humidity is a scourge in general, to avoid. So the humidity is really so terrible?

The answer is the chiller will not have any negative impact on people, on the contrary the impact of cold air on the human body is positive

Environmental portable air conditioner, the cooling principle is the water away through the evaporation of heat around to achieve. When the outside air into the interior of the environmental portable air conditioner, through the cooling curtain, the vast majority of the heat has been absorbed by cooling curtain evaporation. Cold fresh air through the portable air conditioner system will be air-conditioned cooling air has been sent indoors to achieve the purpose of cooling.

portable air conditioner exhaust hose

Good quality environmentally friendly portable air conditioner are used in the evaporation efficiency of 86% of the 5090 wet curtain, the normal ventilation, the ambient humidity will increase by about 10-15%, Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the summer non-rainy season, the average temperature of 35 degrees, the average humidity At about 56%, this climate is very suitable for chiller use. The weather conditions, the outlet temperature in 26-28 degrees. Blown to the human body surface will be more comfortable.

Scientific research shows that: 75% of the relative humidity is the most appropriate. South China’s relative humidity in the northwest region to large, but not as large as the southwestern Guizhou, Chongqing, as large. Suitable temperature and humidity environment, so that people here skin texture supple smooth, fair and shiny. So since ancient times, there is a beauty of Jiangnan said. Can be seen, chiller use of environmental humidity increases just right can adjust the air humidity. Of course, will not affect the health of the human body. Therefore, we must correctly view the impact of humidity on people. We can think: fishermen fishing at sea every day, the humidity is much larger than the land, is not the fishermen have rheumatism. Sounds like a bit ridiculous, but in fact the people’s traditional concept of environmental protection portable air conditioner humidity exaggerated and distorted! The so-called cooler humidity will make people susceptible to rheumatism is a misunderstanding!

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