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Haier portable air conditioner national “ash collection” rescue breathing

>Recently, the seven winds blew away the haze over Beijing, the capital to reproduce a rare blue sky, but the “indoor haze” is powerless. Tsinghua University, “the beginning of the indoor air quality research data analysis report” shows: Indoor PM2.5 concentration of at least 1/2 outdoor, indoor breathing health is very necessary. Many enterprises immediately responded, Haier portable air conditioner is the second exposure of indoor air-conditioning up to 5 mm inside the truth after the truth, the official micro-Bo sound for the country to collect portable air conditioner dust, from the source to remove indoor air “secondary pollution”, but also the public a Safe indoor breathing environment.

What are the sources of indoor air pollution? In addition to personnel activities, carbon dioxide concentration is too high, allergens suspended for various reasons, there are “portable air conditioner disease” and “cross-infection” and other air pollution potential risks. The air in the air, for example, the dust in the air will be gathered in the filter and heat exchanger, thereby breeding bacteria and mold, easily lead to air is not smooth, cross-infection of viral pathogens, causing respiratory disease, “dirty lung portable air conditioner “is the culprit of indoor breathing hazards. However, Haier portable air conditioner service personnel for the Beijing Demao Jiayuan district residents free cleaning portable air conditioner found that the last one year clean air-conditioning less than 30% of users, as well as up to 34% of household portable air conditioner has never been cleaned, over half said ” portable air conditioner “know little about the harm.

China Building Research Institute of Low Carbon Building Research Center Director Deng Gaofeng that how to achieve sterilization, to prevent cross-infection, is the efficient and convenient removal of indoor haze, PM2.5 important solution. To this end, Haier air-conditioning sent a national professional service personnel to the user home of the “dirty lung air-conditioning” for “ash collection” and the depth of clean, on the one hand popular popular science indoor breathing knowledge, improve the user “dirty air” The use of self-cleaning technology, strong stripping heat exchanger dirt, to achieve their own portable air conditioner to take a bath, clean up the air at the same time, put an end to indoor air pollution, “the secondary air pollution control technology, “, A comprehensive inhibition caused by indoor cross-infection of bacteria.

Studies have shown that most people spend 70% to 90% of their time indoors. The face of outdoor fog can only passive “and other wind” breathing difficulties, the Haier air-conditioning initiative to carry out the national collection of ash action, research and development of air-conditioning self-cleaning technology to create a good indoor air solution, no doubt to the public breathing health brings new hope.

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