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portable air conditioner and students

“Hot days without air conditioners to sleep at night is terrible, and the next day you will become confused.” “In the past i always lived in the house, never lived in the school, and do not know if the school dormitory installed with an air conditioner? ” There are so many people in a dormitory, how could you image the life there without air conditioning or even a little small portable air conditioner, that how can live? “.,The summer vocation is saying goodbye,the new semester begins with september is coming around. The days from home toschool are approaching, many kinds of misgivings climbed up and occured into my mind.

Today, We recommend an air conditioner that can solves for the students’s concern at schools, that is the portable air conditioner which has a “strong cooling and heating, portable storage for easy mobility, energy saving and environmental protection,” the all-round portable air conditioner from www.portableairconditionerac.com.

Easy to move, wherever you go!

indoor household industrial portable air conditioner for students schools
We used to have a comfortable air-conditioned rooms, convenient portable air conditioner fan is familiar into our life, but today we want to introduce is a mobile, portable air conditioner which has the function of both heating and cooling, which is also one of the most famous fashionable leading brands in portable air conditioner industry.

Portable air conditioner, first started being born for the cost expensive American and European countries, in 1986 invented by the world’s home appliance brands in Italy and Germany, compared to traditional air conditioner, portable air conditioner has an integral, compact, mobile features, plus no need to punch, no professional installation, by the advent of a popular European and American markets.

Today, We need to recommend the portable air conditioner is air conditioning and Italy Design, co-produced by the two sides to invest $ 5 million in 2010, established the household appliances , the original mold of the same strain used in Europe, but also titanium combines patented technology, quality ahead.

Portableairconditionerac.com portable air conditioner is not only combines with the traditional air-conditioning compressor, condenser, evaporator, a four-way valve, check valve capillary air-conditioned indoor section and outdoor section, connecting line integration, also with a petite body and equipped with casters, so moving and portable is being more convenient for students to use in schools and colleges.

Convinient to be in warehouse, also dehumidification drying!

The portable air conditioner because it is the integration of indoor and outdoor units, so the appearance looks small, about the size of the air conditioning fan, small footprint, spring and autumn when not in storage up.

Here, We would like to tell you is that the portable air conditioner in the summer cooling with winter heating effect is no different from ordinary air, but can also be used in addition to mycophenolate sterilization, drying dehumidification. Do not underestimate the “Additional features”, especially in the north to the south in early life a dozen school children.

We want to share a personal experience: Because the editor is a local originally born in the north of China, when the sun drying bedding other students diligent, he prefers to lie on the lawn and clean comfortable sunbathing reading. As a result, the first semester holiday, it was found next to the bed, moldy deck long hair.

After understanding the full recommended sterilization addition to mold, drying dehumidification function, right? In fact, not only is a native of the north south early school children, even accustomed to the humid environment of Southern children, as the rainy season of continuous rainy weather such a machine can be “dry” laundry not better?

In addition, portable air conditioner also has surround wind, energy efficient, no drainage characteristics similar portable air conditioner, not only the technical lead, and the service covering the whole country! Student groups, parents can log in ebay, sears, home depot, or amazon to purchase the portable air conditioner, there are optional in a lot of style and innovative designs!

portable air conditioner for students in new semester for indoor

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