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Changsha two brothers to buy 14 pcs Haier intelligent portable air conditioner

Recently, in Changsha, Yongzhou city Haier air-conditioning stores, a real machine to install self-cleaning air-conditioning to attract the attention of consumers. Open from the portable air conditioner panel to see, air-conditioning radiator is working through the frost, defrost to achieve portable air conditioner bath. After watching the real machine demonstration, Changsha brothers on the spot orders, one-time purchase of 14 Haier intelligent self-cleaning air-conditioning. It is reported that since March 5, Haier started the global brand festival since the smart self-cleaning portable air conditioner sales all the way up, only in the store 4 days to sell the amount of 2 months, and in the country, Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner sales Double.

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“They are two neighbors, usually a good relationship, the two villas are being renovated.They are very particular about the quality of life, so the health requirements are particularly high. Self-cleaning air-conditioning heat exchanger can be self-cleaning, how long is not dirty, Bother to clean up the portable air conditioner dust, they are very satisfied with this. “The store’s salesman Zhang Haiyan said. It is understood that the two brothers at home with the elderly and children living in the indoor air environment demanding. When you see the store put the dirty heat exchanger, they are very surprised, did not expect portable air conditioner even so dirty.

So, self-cleaning portable air conditioner is how to achieve their own bath it? In order to answer the two brothers questioned, direct salesman in the store real machine demonstration of portable air conditioner self-cleaning process. Soon, Haier intelligent self-cleaning portable air conditioner through the frost, defrost, portable air conditioner to achieve their own bath. After watching the real machine demonstration, the two immediately under the single, so the new portable air conditioner installed on the renovation finished. In addition to health needs, Haier intelligent portable air conditioner remote control convenience also touched the two brothers.

In fact, the story of the two brothers is Haier smart portable air conditioner global brand section of a popular miniature. During the event, Haier launched a new balance of more than 100 smart air-conditioning products for users concerned about the health, intelligence, energy saving and other issues are given personalized health air solutions, new and old customers to buy intelligent portable air conditioner. According to the National Information Center data show that Haier intelligent portable air conditioner in 2015 accounted for more than 67% of the overall market share, for 25 consecutive months nationwide.

This achievement is not accidental, but Haier intelligent portable air conditioner adhere to the inevitable result of technological innovation. Haier smart air-conditioning products in 2015, sales of products listed on the contribution of higher than the industry average of 10.27%, not only the fastest shipping, and its new contribution rate is the industry, higher than the average level of 32%, more than two years in the product comparison, Haier Almost cleared.

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